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Jul 22, 2021
Picked up a new hobby
Don't live, breath and sleep programming

There are other things in life

You're not supposed to be working all the time 24/7

• There are relationships
•There are friends and family
•There are hobbies outside of programming
Picked up a new hobby
Realized a Dream
I have wanted to learn how to play the drums my whole life so for my birthday, I bought myself an electronic drum set!
Jul 01, 2021
Picked up a new hobby
I made some flip flops out of leather for my mother's birthday! I'm working on making a couple more pairs in different colors and tooling to hone my skills.
Participated in an archery try-out session
Picked up a new hobby
Discovered my inner archer thanks to an archery try-out session at Olympia Curaçao Archery Association. Was incredibly fun! 🏹
Beginner Archer, Olympia Curaçao Archery Association