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Baked Cookies
Baking up some good things
Perfected my Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe!
Baked Lemon Bars
Perfected my Lemon Bar Recipe!
Baking up some good things
Baked a sourdough bread with 48 hour poolish starter🎉!!
Made flan
To be honest, I didn't think my first post here (after introducing myself) would be about flan, but it's Saturday and I really enjoy making dessert.

I've been trying to convert this hobby into a side job lately, and I just purchased a new flan maker to get the right size for my product. If things go right, I'm planning to sell a couple flans a week to a local coffee shop that opened recently. Wish me luck!
Baking up some good things
Re-use glass jar for my own  pistachio praliné and peanut praliné .
Baking up some good things
First time making cantuccini! Served with Marsala wine because you'll have a heckin' time finding Vin Santo in SF.