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released debut album "planète des larmes" featuring Kako Da Kaveman, Wuhryn Dumas, Dawn Richard, AlanMichael & YawnyBlew.

Performed by SADBOYMUSIC 

Written by Antoine Lee Bennett Jr. 
- Kyle Moore (Track 4) 
- Warren Dumas Woods (Track 5) 
- Steven Derrick Lindsey (Track 5) 
- Dawn Angeliqué Richard (Track 6) 
- John Gonzalez (Track 11) 

Produced by Antoine Lee Bennett Jr. 

Engineered by Antoine Lee Bennett Jr. 
- Dawn Richard (Track 6) 
- AlanMichael (Track 10) 

Vocal Production by Antoine Lee Bennett Jr. 
- Stevie Derrick (Track 5) 
- Wuhryn Dumas (Track 5) 
- Dawn Richard (Track 6) 
- AlanMichael (Track 10 
- YawnyBlew (Track 11) 

Mixed by Antoine Lee Bennett Jr. 
Mastered by Antoine Lee Bennett Jr. 
Recorded at LAB of TEARS, Pirate Studio, BoyfriendGroove & Glitter on Fire. 
Mixed & Mastered by LAB of TEARS 

Cover by Tony Lew 
Photography by Ashé Davis 
Creative Direction by Antoine Lee Bennett Jr. & D'Angelo Williams
Feb 14, 2014
Arranged a piece
Performed music
Arranged "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry
for ISU Mens Basketball Pep Band
Performed at home games!
Dec 07, 2021
Produced a song
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Co-produced the song 'Circus Level' with GeohWorks also on production and PlatinumStar as the artist of the song. 

Listen here:
Performed music
“the lamb”
live from act I
dir. 9th Nimbus & No Fun

Aug 17, 2021
Produced a music video
Performed music
Made a new YouTube video
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Here's my latest COUCHella performance entitled "The Calling". Enjoy!
Jul 01, 2020
Released a video
Performed music

GRAND WOO - SmooveSessions #18 

It’s been a while since I did SmooveSessions. Been focused on makin beats while trying to adjust like everyone else, but I had a few words to say. Drop a ✊🏽if you stand with us. Stay Positive, Stay Blessed, an Stay Hydrated Playa...