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Nov 13, 2021
Had a brainstorm
Had a couple wonderful chats today meeting with Keegan Sard and Margot Mazur about growing Terra through strategic partnerships. Both had super insightful ideas!

(And best thing? I met them through the new collaboration tool on Polywork!!)
Nov 02, 2021
Had a brainstorm
Testing Polywork right now.
Platform looks very nice
Oct 10, 2021
Analyzed Target Audiences
Identified the Competition and their Gaps
Had a brainstorm
+ 1
Brainstormed our potential audience and the gaps that are existing in the industry. Analyzing this helped direct us towards a path that can benefit a lot of students.

At the same time, we realized that we had very far from our initial idea and the solution was completely different now. That is definitely not a bad thing; goes to show how important talking to users is. 
Had a brainstorm
Ned is really open and receptive to discussing new ideas and possibilities. He also is a clear thinker and truly understands human behavior and motivation. If you are looking for someone to guide/ mentor/ brainstorm your product/ idea, Ned is your man :) 
Advised a Startup
I had a great call with Bhargav Kantaria about his new product ShortCast. I've been working in audio for a decade now and hearing someone thoughtfully and carefully considering how audio can be used to exchange ideas without it being a one-way conversation AND still be asynchronous is really intriguing and exciting. Definitely an interesting one to watch in the Audio space!
Designed a Backend System
Had a brainstorm
Started a personal project
Looking for collaborators
+ 2
First night starting on new project. Creating a new web platform that combines aspects of old school MUD games with community aspects found on discord, bringing to life a new kind of gaming experience for those who enjoy playing and those who enjoy creating stories & systems. The platform also hopes to solve one of the issues found in multiplayer games, 'If everyone is the hero than no one is". 

Would love to collaborate with others. While I can build out the backend code, and web systems, I could really benefit from creatives, and front end coders.