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Jan 15, 2022
Command of the message.
Developed brand positioning

Have you ever gotten positioning right?

Honest, humble answers might lean towards "no" rather than "yes". 
I'm 80% there, after a Command of the Message workshop. 

We worked towards developing all essential assets – from key messages to proof points and differentiators – to enable the entire company on selling, marketing, and connect effectively with customers. 

The remaining20% is the hardest – and that is turning all of this work into audible ready language that customers instantly relat to. 

What's your experience with positioning from a sales and PMM perspective?
Built brand partnership
Secured partnership for my clients virtual event 
Wrote marketing copy
Created a brand campaign
Edited a blog post
Executed a Marketing Campaign Strategy
Wrote newsletters
Wrote a Blog Post
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Rather than adapt an out-of-date content strategy to fit a new direction for our companies brand marketing, I decided to start fresh. Tore it down and built it back better! 

New content pillars, new editorial calendar frequency and weighting, new ideas for content types overall. Huge lift and so far, a great payoff!
Led brand strategy
Ran a workshop
Working on a brand identity
Worked on the branding
Defined Product Messaging
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Leading a brand identity workshop with team Hone today. 

As an early-stage startup, we need to know who we are, what we stand for, and why.  In order to build messaging strategies that are authentic across different touch points, and that strategically consider a 360 degree perspective of the business, we need to have a strong foundation from which to build.

Understand and align on who Hone Networks is, not just what the company does, by creating a brand house that gives Hone Networks an identity. 

  • Identified foundation (values > personality > tone > presentation)
  • Determined our pillars  
  • Wrote new mission statement  
  • Defined our vision 

Adapted from Bruno Bergher's "A Lightweight Branding Exercise for Startups

*More details to follow soon!
Dec 07, 2021
Led award-winning teams
Built organizational capabilities
Won Cannes Lions
Won the inaugural D&AD Impact Award
Launched brands in India
Rebooted brand portfolios
Global Brand Strategy
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Excited to be in a space where we get to showcase all the curiosities we're trying to chase. 
Aug 11, 2021
Created user personas
Analyzed Target Audiences
Researched healthcare
Led strategic planning
Created presentation
Analyzed search data
Analyzed consumer data
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Presented targeted audience segments as part of in-depth content strategy approach based on existing personas and utilizing multiple data sources to inform audience journey development, channel strategy, competitive analysis, and content creation.
Associate Director of Strategic Planning, Barefoot