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Sep 03, 2020
Burnout survivor
Sep 09, 2020
Introduction to Python
Failed At Something
I went through the selection process to participate in the "Maria vai com as Devs" program 100% free in order to promote technical quality for insertion in the technology market, focused on the Python programming language. But I was in a very difficult time and I couldn't complete the course program :(
Mentored a college student
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Shared how I navigate burnout
Networked as an introvert
First Polywork collaboration
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First Collab on Polywork

Connected with a fellow cognitive science major interested in the tech industry and accessibility. I shared how I approached networking and skillbuilding as an introvert from a nontraditional background. We talked about doing things the way that is healthy for you vs forcing yourself to do what others proclaim as the only "right" way.
Shared my experience with burnout
Published a blog post
Wrote and published a blog post on burnout just in time for #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth2021.

You can read said blog here. Views and experiences are my own.
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