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Testing code
Jetpack Compose
Built an Android app
Built a feature
GitHub Action
Implemented CI/CD
Built UI components
Built a proof of concept
Refactoring a front-end feature
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Finishing up Screenshot testing Proof-of-Concept with Shot, Jetpack Compose and GitHub Actions.

Migrated a few views to their Jetpack Compose equivalents and started writing a couple of tests for these to see if we can detect changes and generate a report on both successes and failures. Also very helpful to see how much work it would be to rewrite part of the code and start using Jetpack Compose instead.
Android Developer, DPG Media
Learnt Java
Object Oriented Programming
Practised Continuous Integration
Learnt JUnit
Used Test Driven Development
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To go into more depth this week, as a Friday project I designed and implemented an online store backend system in Java. 

Polymorphism, abstraction, inheritance - everything that belongs to object orientation was of course included. In addition, exceptions and optional types and user interactions were added. 

Check out the repo and feel free to give me a review.
Trainee Java Fullstack Developer, Neue Fische - School and Pool for digital talents
Wrote a New API
Worked with React.js
Used NodeJs
Used Kubernetes
Published a project
Practised Continuous Integration
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Wrote and deployed a tool (Heidrun) to ease application deployments to Kubernetes at a customer's.

Heidrun's front is written in React, the back is written in js, with node. It uses Gitlab's API to fetch the projects and their version (branches and tags), Hashicorp Vault api to fetch the environment names and configuration, LDAP for authentication and Vault's policies for authorization management. The deployment pipelines it creates are spawned as Kubernetes Jobs with initContainers for things such as fetching the sources and variable substitution and a final container for the actual helm upgrade or kubectl apply.

Though Heidrun is plugged into Gitlab's CI to run whenever needed, it also allows for manual application deployments through the use of a form where the operator is asked to select the project name, version and targeted environment from a list.
Site Reliability Engineer, Conserto
Improved workflows
Practised CI/CD
Improved build time
+ 1
Redesigned and improved our deployment strategy that enabled automated deployments of our apps.

Practised Continuous Integration
Used Github
Learnt Java
Learnt JUnit
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I finished the day using the CI system via maven in Github. Now it's time for testing. 
Sep 07, 2021
Practised Continuous Integration
Established a Deployment Process
Using the beautiful GitLab, I played around a bit with their platform.
The goal was to read and, at the end, set up a Continuous Integration system that will do various tasks. 

There was already a system in place for automatic Deployment. For each push in the master branch, the website got deployed with the new changes. 

The first version of the pipeline was deployed. Now I will continue learning to see what useful tasks can be added.