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Nov 23, 2021
Finished a portfolio project
Used Kubernetes
Used Google Cloud Platform
Used Git
Used Crossplane
Used Argo CD
Used Github
Practised CI/CD
Learning Infrastructure as Code
Wrote technical documentation
+ 8
I finished and published Eutuxia on Github.
Nov 01, 2021
Improved CI/CD
Streamlined CI/CD workflow of the projects which I have worked on, particularly:

  • Create, update and close RFC ticket for each production release
  • Separate canary configmaps from configmaps for stable release
CI/CD pipelines I worked on: Gitlab CI/CD 
Practised Continuous Integration
So finally ditching gitlab CI (keeping the container registry and repos). It's slow and will limit your requests which is a poor experience for a startup looking to move fast (even with external runners). A low spec machine from Scaleway running and I'm not only 2 minutes faster per build but I have no rate limiting and it's cheaper (7 euros per month). If you do want cheap external runners, is the place to go (
Aug 13, 2021
Shadowed a Software Developer
Shadowed a Research Scientist
Implemented CI/CD
Studying Data Science
+ 2
I learned a ton while working with the Deep Pack at TheTake as a software engineering intern. While a majority of the information about my job is proprietary and cannot be discussed with the public, there are a few things I can tell you:
  • I analyzed the massive internal database kept by the company for common trends in the data and presented the information to the team in the form of various reports, a first of its kind analysis done by the company.
  • I used this data to construct smaller datasets used to benchmark the performance of text search algorithms used in TheTake API.
  • I wrote integration tests used in the company's CI/CD pipeline to track the performance of modifications to the text search algorithms.
  • I proposed future optimizations to the text search algorithm.
This was my first internship ever. It was eye-opening to see how things are done at the professional level in software engineering. Working at a startup allowed me full access of every part of the stack, which helped immensely in my learning and skill building. I had amazing time working at TheTake and I wish them all the best in their future endeavors. 

Company website:
Software Engineering Intern,
Testing code
Jetpack Compose
Built an Android app
Built a feature
GitHub Action
Implemented CI/CD
Built UI components
Built a proof of concept
Refactoring a front-end feature
+ 7
Finishing up Screenshot testing Proof-of-Concept with Shot, Jetpack Compose and GitHub Actions.

Migrated a few views to their Jetpack Compose equivalents and started writing a couple of tests for these to see if we can detect changes and generate a report on both successes and failures. Also very helpful to see how much work it would be to rewrite part of the code and start using Jetpack Compose instead.
Android Developer, DPG Media
Learnt Java
Object Oriented Programming
Practised Continuous Integration
Learnt JUnit
Used Test Driven Development
+ 3
To go into more depth this week, as a Friday project I designed and implemented an online store backend system in Java. 

Polymorphism, abstraction, inheritance - everything that belongs to object orientation was of course included. In addition, exceptions and optional types and user interactions were added. 

Check out the repo and feel free to give me a review.
Trainee Full Stack Developer, Neue Fische - School and Pool for digital talents