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Oct 02, 2016
Built a frontend application
Created a custom CMS
Finished '100 Days of' Challenge
Designed website
Finished a personal project
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100 Days: Gallery

This gallery site collects the output from a 100-day art+design exercise I completed during 2015 and 2016. It was built with Angular 2, and uses a responsive layout with viewport units and media queries to achieve a uniform design across device sizes.
Designed website
Created a custom CMS
Built a React website
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Over the last 3 weeks, I've spend my evenings designing building, a React website for Espacio Jam, a Spanish podcast about Basketball and Movies.

The site is powered by Contentful CMS and allows visitors to listen to their podcast episodes and read their articles.
Sep 04, 2002
Started a new job
Learnt PHP
Learnt SQL
Created a custom CMS
Worked from Home
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I worked for APG Media Group, a startup based out of California, on their Compass Global Music website, from September of 2002 through August of 2003.

I consulted on design and functional specifications. Implemented a custom content management system for the music entertainment directory website.
Lead Developer, APG Media Group
Feb 20, 2003
Created a custom CMS
worked on a project
In 2002 I started learning PHP/MySQL, and offered to create a content management system for the owner of the SuperSlow gym in Altamonte Springs, Florida, specifically for the directory listings for their SuperSlow Guild.