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Coached myself
Today is one of the days I need to self-coach myself.

Self-coaching is nothing new to me, and I do it when I feel inadequate or unmotivated.

The technique: You become your best friend. You ask yourself questions as you ask your best friend. You give honest advice as you give it to your best friend.

When I tell people about this technique, they usually laugh. But if you are having a bad day, give it a try. In the end, it will make you more resilient.
Coached a Teacher
My Zone
Hosted coaching session
Future Female
Supported women empowerment
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Today I hosted a coaching session for the women following the Future Female Business School program. The group consist of passionate female entrepreneurs around the world looking to start a side hustle or take their company to the next level. 
We talked about how to manage being overwhelmed by specific tasks, how to think about your revenue stream and how to set audacious goals fitting your vision.

I got particularly inspired by one of the project: Ilda is creating a consulting service to help direct better philanthropic actions in Africa
Coach , O.G coaching
Hosted coaching session
Just finished the design for our Coaching Certification Program. It is designed to help coaches and leaders to become effective coaches.

It includes tools, exercises, and evaluation of live coaching sessions from established, professionally certified coaches.
Coached a Team Manager
Held a contentious group coaching session today where the control freak team leader was challenged by her team to let go of control.

She was passively agreeing to everything we designed in our session until the last 15 minutes where she attempted to derail the proposed shared responsiblities and accountability within the groups.

The team worked with me to do a good job of neutralizing her derailing behaviors to push ahead with the initiatives we designed. 

The work, however, is only beginning as she will no doubt continue to try and redirect the efforts that threaten her controlling nature.
Coached a CEO
Kicked off a new coaching relationship with the CEO of a non-profit that's had its revenue hit hard by covid.

We had a great first session talking about how they can leverage their technology resources to reduce costs and generate additional revenue.