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Held 7 connection calls and will have another 3 next week. Deeply grateful to be able to connect with the community and share my insights and expertise here.
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My 2021 Highlights
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Signed up with SurePrep/TaxCaddy to offer a better remote tax preparation experience.
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Systems Thinking
Climate Action
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Delivered a Doughnut Economics The Four Lenses workshop to a county community network.
Jan 18, 2022
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Excited to be able to work with to help grow their online community as well as assist with their moderation team. An awesome team behind an awesome project. 
Chief Executive Officer, Advertise Your Server
Dec 07, 2021
Joined a network of entrepreneurs
Coached a Director
Patreon A Club Host - working with other Patreon Creators to help teach the skills to grow their online communities. 
Started about 2 months ago
Hosting coaching session
Finalized some 2022 goals with a leadership team of a non profit. Excited to help them target their path and help them serve our community!