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Aug 14, 2021
Coached a youth program
Finished my time as a volunteer coach with the Carolina Hurricanes First Goal Program.

Through the First Goal program, boys and girls are introduced to the game of hockey through six on-ice skills sessions with Hurricanes alumni Shane Willis. They are taught the introductory fundamentals to help them move on to more advanced class or join recreation leagues.
Level 4 Coach, USA Hockey
Hosted coaching session
Women in Tech
Mentored someone
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In a coaching session recently ... 

My client is a software developer at a big company. 

She's frustrated that others who joined after her have been getting opportunities that she didn't. We're about to change that for her.

In this session we explored how she can  Raise her profile in meetings without behaving in a way that doesn't align with her. We also looked at strategies how she can gradually expand her network in the company - including to senior managers.
Ai copywriting
Coached a Content Creator
Started a new role at Industry Copywriting
Shadowed a Web Content Manager
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Yesterday Jarvis AI team quietly sunset the Pro plan 🌞 BossMode is the best choice. Starter Plan for Short-form & Boss Mode for Long-form!

Check Latest Pricing Here & You can also check my blog post on Jarvis AI Pricing Plans at Digital People

Coached a Director
As part of APD's GPT <connect> conference I coached tech oriented individuals in other parts of the company on their presentations. From data science to techincal debt I helped them streamline a story and aided in layout/design of their slideshows. A very rewarding and fun honor!
Coached a Student
Trained students
Support Career Change
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It was time again for some CV-Sessions for our Java and Data Analytics students, that we are doing with every class @ #neuefische.

In the first step we always do a career session that is around two to three hours, to give them general advices regarding their CV, cover letter, where they can apply and even for the interview. After that, we gave our students two to three weeks time to rework their CV's and implement a new design and especially add their new IT-Skills.

Then, during the CV-Sessions, we really take time for each student in 1on1-sessions to look at the details and give individual feedback and further advices.
But not only that, we talk about their expectations, worries, wishes when they want to.

I really like these sessions because the CV is still very important for many recruiters and especially as a career changer it is not that easy to show just through the CV what your skills are. So our sessions could have a huge impact, that our students and graduates get the chance getting an invitation to an interview.

But that is not the only reason. Talking about their former jobs, their former career stations and their motivation gives me every time the chance to get to know them better and to see what fantastic, inspiring, talented and definitely skillful students are part of our classes.

But it also inspires me, that no matter what you did before or no matter what happened in your life before, there is always the chance to start new, to learn new things and to be successful within a new field, when you are just motivated and have the willingness to work for it !

#newstart #careerchange #itbootcamp #cvsession #careersession #neuefische

Coached a Student
Taught a MSc class
Rethinking what I have learned - in order to teach it. The best way to restructure information. And at the same time making sure that my students have fun learning!