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Deployed a Backend System
Migrated database
Coached a Consultant
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Umsetzung des Fundservice der Deutschen Bahn auf Basis von Nova Find. 

Dabei Unterstützung des Consulting zur Abbildung der Prozesse der Deutschen Bahn in Nova Find, Umsetzung Verbesserungen der Betreibbarkeit in diesem Szenario und Koordination aller technischen Teams im Einsatz für Consulting, Produktentwicklung, Betrieb und Migration der Bestandsdaten.



Implemented a new Lost&Found solution for Deutsche Bahn. I supported consulting the customer how to use the application in their environment, improved deployments and operability of the  software application in this scenario and coordinated the technical teams.
Lead Software Developer, Rubicon IT
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Interviewing a Visual Designer
Onboarding a UX/UI Designer
Coaching a Visual Designer
Designing a Brand Style Guide
Designing a Marketing Site
Onboarding a UX Designer
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Hosted coaching session
Wrappred up our Supervisor Six Pack Program for the Delaware Chamber of Commerce. This program is a six workshop series that covers the fundamentals of leadership.

It's designed for first time leaders or leaders who are about to become leaders for the first time.

If you were like me, you were dumped into your first leadership role and asked to figure it out. This program helps give people some quick, actionable tactics to get off to a great start as a leader.
Coached an Executive Team Leader
Made good progress with a large leadership team in helping them address conflict more directly. 

We practicied identifying the root causes of conflict.

We identified 5 strategies for resolving conflict and how if you are you using the same style all the time that you are doing it wrong.

We also practiced specific tactics we can take during those discussions to deal with emotions and keep driving towards positive resolutions.
Coached an Owner
Working on a growing medical practice and helping them adjust their processes while they continue to gain patients.

Had some breakthrough discussions on staffing to address overworked doctor staffs and helping an owner realize he can be liked, respected, and have high expectations for his people.

Helping him figure out how to verbalize his needs for the good of the practice will allow him to coach more effectively and make sure his standard of care is carried through each member of his staff.
Started 9 days ago
Hosting coaching session
Working with a non-profit leadership team that helps people with hearing and speech challenges.

Helping them hone their leadership brand and engage employees. They are working hard to keep their best employees in a competitive market. We are finiding ways to individually connect with their team members.

We are also helping them figure out how to help their stressed workers feel more comfortable, confident, and appreciated without relying on compensation.