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Gave a Talk at Searchmetrics Summit
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I gave a talk on the basic problems SEO consultants are facing and how to deal with them. The talk was the opening talk of Searchmetrics Summit Expert Track.
Despite dealing with quite difficult technical issues I tried to explain the basics in an easily understandable and figurative way.
See the talk 🇩🇪 here: Seoseb @ Searchmetrics Summit Feb 2017
SEO Consultant, Searchmetrics
Spoke at CMX Summit Rise
Spoke at CMX Summit Rise 2021
September 1, 2021 4:30 PM — 4:55 PM 
Better Living Through KPIs: How to Manage Your Community Team 201 💼 - As Community leaders, we think about metrics all the time. We're always seeking the best practices to measure success, monitor the health of our Communities, and prove ROI and business value. However, there's one measurement that is often not part of the conversation — employee-level metrics. In this talk, Lauren will share the work she's done as a people manager to establish employee-level KPIs and connect the dots from our high-level business goals down to the individual activities and contributions that move the needle. She'll also share her recommendations and actionable tips for creating your own individual level KPIs, no matter what programs and goals your team has.

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Spoke at Meeting C++ 2017

Held the "A Very Quick View Into a Compiler" lightning talk.

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Spoke at CppCon 2018

Held the talk "Building a C++ Reflection System in One Weekend Using Clang and LLVM".

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Spoke at C++ On Sea 2019

I held the "Building a C++ Reflection System in One Weekend Using Clang and LLVM" talk. 

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Head of Product, Xendit