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Hello 👋 ,

Just wanted to let you know that starting today I will be building a new startup.

I'll challenge myself for 3 months in order to come up with a working MVP and get my first paying client. Since I have a pile of valid business ideas in my notebook, I decided to go with one that I have had since my first time raising capital for my startups. 

The idea is a very simple CRM tool where startup founders can easily manage their investment pipeline and keep their prospective investors in the loop with periodic updates. 

When you run a company with 500+ investors, it's very hectic to always answer those redundant questions coming up to your mailbox about the current status of their investments. Maintaining a contact list on any newsletter mailing system can also be challenging, providing metrics on a periodic basis could also frustrating, but building a dashboard that connects everything is fun.

Starting today, I will craft a project brief and post it over Upwork with initial MVP requirements, I will code some stuff on my own but I have been rusty over the years.

If you're a developer, ping me we could collaborate. If you're a technical co-founder, ping me I would love to have a partner. If you're an investor, ping me I would love your input on the product and what you're looking for to get from founders regarding your investment.

I will constantly update this space with the progress as I truly believe it's the community that makes any startup boom.

Wish me luck 🍀 
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APIs 101 with Postman

As Postman Student Expert gave a Tech Talk introducing Application Programming Interface (APIs). The session was a hands-on session where students made their first HTTP Requests and even crashed the server :P
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Sep 23, 2021
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Launched Portals to Beautiful Futures, in collaboration with Guild of Future Architects

Explores possible futures and provocations such as –
  • What if shared well-being became the standard of success for our nations?
  • Are we ready to move from an era that rewards extraction to one that prioritizes regeneration?
  • How will we move from an era of destabilizing information into an age of trusted wisdom?
  • Can we dismantle industrial-age silos between work, home, education, play, and community?
Exploration and Future Sensing, Omidyar Network
Sep 16, 2021
Prepared a Workshop
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Prepared a workshop to help prepare an org for ongoing hybrid remote+onsite work. Looking forward to seeing it making an impact. 
Wrote a Strategic Foresight Report
Set up Trend Management Processes
ZUKUNFTSREPORT - Wir haben einen auf unser Unternehmen optimierten strategischen Vorausschau Prozess entwickelt und eine erste Iteration mit motivierten Kolleg:innen durchgeführt.