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Jan 14, 2022
Consulted Startups
It has been so exciting to consult for She Gone, a hospitality start-up that caters its product to women travelers. 
Partnered with Airbnb
Started Hosting at Airbnb
Listings from Santiago (
Dec 31, 2021
Conducting Product Discovery & Research
Partnered with Philanthropists
Provided Technical Consultation
Defined product roadmap
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My team created the Product Marketing strategy for WHO’s first financial digital product, making it easier for donors and investors to contribute to financing NCD prevention. Non-Communicable Diseases account for a significant percentage of deaths in lower income countries, and raising awareness and finance to combat these, is a step forward promoting socio-economic development in these regions. 
Provided Technical Consultation
Contributed to open source
Reviewed a massive 400 file Pull Request from a 'community contributor' that upgraded one of our systems from the deprecated .NET Framework 4 to .NET [Core] 5.

Working in open source with changes from folks outside your team can be challenging, especially when the scope of work is so large. It's important to be respectful but firm, and meticulous without nitpicking, all in a publicly-viewable forum.

It took about a month to complete, capturing the high-level differences and low-hanging fruit, and then testing and reviewing changes with a fine-toothed comb, project-by-project and file-by-file.

Besides defects and issues (which there were surprisingly few) there were opportunities to make my job as reviewer easier (the diff was initially 800 files due to renames) which needed to be addressed quickly, as well as minor-but-important corrections to match coding styles and practices common to our other applications and systems.

Since the diff was so large, it was impossible to use GitHub's inline comment tools, so instead I left top-level comments with checklists related to the changes. Conversation with the contributors could get lost in the sea of things so it was important to group comments well. An accidental merge of another feature by a teammate meant we had to do some Git fancy footwork to right the path of the tree.

Overall the critical feedback was limited and the contributors were great to work with. Changes were merged with only a couple follow-up tasks for our internal team. A success!
Principal Consultant, Headspring
Prepared a Workshop
Started bootcamp
I am prepared a Mini Bootcamp as Figma Community Advocate, for the Bucaramanga's Community, it's an introductory Bootcamp with 4 hours long, where you can learn more about Figma and how to create user interface with it.

This Boopcamp its completely free for any person to register and get a ticket, you can get your ticket in this link:

This will happen this 23 of December, from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm, Colombian hours, GMT-5.

The partners for these events are GetOnBoard and RevistaSG.

Became a consultant
Used notion
Started working with the Optemization Team as a consultant.