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Sep 23, 2021
Created a trend report
Wrote a Strategic Foresight Report
Imagined diverse futures
Collaborated with Guild of Future Architects
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Launched the Portals to Beautiful Futures, a report created in collaboration with Guild of Future Architects

Explores possible futures and provocations such as –
  • What if shared well-being became the standard of success for our nations?
  • Are we ready to move from an era that rewards extraction to one that prioritizes regeneration?
  • How will we move from an era of destabilizing information into an age of trusted wisdom?
  • Can we dismantle industrial-age silos between work, home, education, play, and community?
Exploration and Future Sensing, Omidyar Network
Sep 16, 2021
Prepared a Workshop
Mentored someone
Prepared a workshop to help prepare an org for ongoing hybrid remote+onsite work. Looking forward to seeing it making an impact. 
Wrote a Strategic Foresight Report
Set up Trend Management Processes
ZUKUNFTSREPORT - Wir haben einen auf unser Unternehmen optimierten strategischen Vorausschau Prozess entwickelt und eine erste Iteration mit motivierten Kolleg:innen durchgeführt.
Looking for developers
Looking for work
looking for work
Searching for consultants
Looking for consultants
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Hi Polywork-Community

If you are looking for a job in the SAP Space, follow on Polywork. Link: | Die SAP Jobbörse | The SAP Job Board

Sep 14, 2021
Launched a marketing campaign
Promoted a digital ad campaign
Launched Campaign via Oracle Eloqua
Supported Regional Sales Team
+ 2 Corp: WPS InstaShow Digital Campaign 2019

Since the original campaign has expired, for reference let's take a closer look at following EU campaign site. The looks are quite similar:

Work Timeline: 
Sep 2019 - Dec 2019

Co-Edited, Proofread, Promoted via Oracle Eloqua

Go Live (Published): 
September 2019 
Shadowed an Auditor
Shadowed a Data Analyst
Shadowed an Accounting Specialist
Business Consulting
Partnered with UiPath
Qlik Sense
RPA Developer
Shadowed a Founder & CEO
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Wirtschaftsprüfer l Founder and Developer of auditbee + robobee