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Prepared a Workshop
It's workshop week over at me HQ. My designer buddies and I worked on setting up an exercise to do customer journey maps for B2B customers.

Getting stakeholders outside of product, design, and engineering into the room, talking about customer journeys, persona, feelings, needs, etc. can be a daunting task.

Stakeholders on the commercial sides of a business are often unaccustomed to these approaches. Some have had little exposure to approaches like design thinking, user research, and even value proposition design.

We in the Europe tech world feel this quite strongly.

Therefore it's important to find the right balance and introduce folks to exercises that may be wholly new to them, and may even be a bit scary at first.

Often they'll dismiss these approaches as "childish" or "not serious enough," or will wonder what true benefit they stand to derive from such workshops.

But when done properly, they come out of these workshops better equipped to work with their customers and with much greater confidence in product designers.

How do you engage with your commercial teams? What are the pitfalls you've learned to avoid?
Prepared a Workshop
Working on using the Opportunity-Solution Tree in a workshop with stakeholders tomorrow to guide them back up from two pre-baked solutions to a problem onto a conversation about the problem/opportunity itself.

What other methods do you use to get your stakeholders to talk about opportunities vs solutions?
Provided Technical Consultation
Implemented HR & Payroll software
Built a New Microservice
+ 1
Einführung einer Personalakt und inkl. Anbindung an neuem Lohnverrechnungssystem.

  • Analyse der Anforderungen von HR
  • Evaluierung unterschiedlicher Lösungen
  • Abklärung der unterschiede zwischen deutschen und österreichischen Lohnverrechnungsgesetzen
  • Koordination der notwendigen Anpassungen an der technischen Infrastruktur für die Einführung (insbesondere im IT-Operations Bereich)
  • Implementierung der Schnittstelle zu einem Custom Projektcontrolling System
  • Vorantreiben weiterer Verbesserung nach dem Initialprojekt

Eingesetze Technik:
  • ASP.NET (.NET 5)
  • ODBC (Anbindung einer DB2 vom Hersteller)

Consultated in technical rollout of a new HR & Payroll software using a Software as a service. 
Implementation of an interface for the internal project controlling software.
Lead Software Developer, Rubicon IT
Provided Technical Consultation
Implemented recruiting software
Begleitung der Einführung von Prescreen als Recruiting Lösung. 

  • Analyse der Recruitingprozesse
  • Evaluierung der Lösung
  • Gemeinsame Umsetzung mit Customer Success Team
  • Umsetzung der begleitenden Workflows
  • Begleitung der Anbindung an
  • Begleitung der Anbindung an Karriere Website
  • Rollout ins Unternehmen
  • Verbesserung und Anpassung der Lösung an spezielle Anforderungen Post-Rollout
Implementation of Prescreen as recruiting solution incl.

  • Analysis of processes
  • Evaluation of multiple software solutions
  • Implementation in collaboration with the customer success team
  • Implementation of the workflow for the company, enhancing some processes
  • Coordinating the implementation of the interface for
  • Coordinating the implementation of the interface for company career website
  • Rollout
  • Post-rollout consulting
Lead Software Developer, Rubicon IT
Deployed a Backend System
Migrated database
Coached a Consultant
+ 1
Umsetzung des Fundservice der Deutschen Bahn auf Basis von Nova Find. 

Dabei Unterstützung des Consulting zur Abbildung der Prozesse der Deutschen Bahn in Nova Find, Umsetzung Verbesserungen der Betreibbarkeit in diesem Szenario und Koordination aller technischen Teams im Einsatz für Consulting, Produktentwicklung, Betrieb und Migration der Bestandsdaten.



Implemented a new Lost&Found solution for Deutsche Bahn. I supported consulting the customer how to use the application in their environment, improved deployments and operability of the  software application in this scenario and coordinated the technical teams.
Lead Software Developer, Rubicon IT
Provided Technical Consultation
Provided my first technical consultation to a customer to help them implement a secure Single Sign-On solution.