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Etwa 70 Prozent aller Kaufentscheidungen basieren auf Emotionen. Möchte sich ein Unternehmen also vom Wettbewerb abheben, sollte es sowohl die Kundenbindung als auch das Storytelling am Point of Sale (POS) optimieren. Wie das in der Praxis gelingt, zeigt der Premiumbrillenhersteller Silhouette.
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Joined the the 4sellers GmbH as Content Writer and PR Guy! 
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contributor for People Nerds article: Camera...Action! 7 Impactful Ways to Leverage dscout's Video Question

Video prompts are more than just open-end question replacements. Here's how to leverage video to unearth insights you'd miss via any other modality. 
research advisor, dscout
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contributing researcher for a People Nerds article: What We Celebrate (and Need to Talk About) When We Celebrate Black History Month

We asked dozens of participants what Black History Month meant to them, and what we can do better to commemorate the contributions of Black Americans.

research advisor, dscout
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The Art of Social Engineering
What comes to your mind when you first hear the term social engineering? A new type of engineering that involves mathematics and physics principles to design a building or a tunnel? Well social engineering is totally different than what you are thinking of. Wonderful paper written by a colleague on the beautiful art of social engineering and published by me.
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Social Engineering: A Passion
Social Engineering is this wonderful way of playing with the human psyche in a way that sometimes has a very negative spin because it can be used for malicious advantage(s).