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Excited to be an SME on designing a Digital Leadership course. More details will be available soon... 
Sep 19, 2018
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I finally gave the first presentation of our brand new free & open Progressive Web Apps course at SFEIR Nantes!

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Developer Advocate, SFEIR
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Started teaching a brand new course: DTSC 2301/2302 Modeling and Society.

The design of this course had been underway for months, and was a team effort with Jason Windett (political science).
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Submitted proposals that I authored, with colleague input, for two new bachelor's programs: BS in Data Science and BS in Cybersecurity.
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Began teaching DATA 620 Database Technologies.

I created this course for graduate students in data science. The course surveys design and querying in multiple data storage paradigms, both relational and nonrelational.
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Began teaching MATH 110 Math in the Media.

This was a course that I invented and designed from scratch. It was meant to give non-STEM majors a math course option that would teach intermediate and advanced mathematics concepts (mathematical and statistical literacy, geometry, permutations, graph theory) through instances of mathematics in popular culture and media. The course was very fun and was well-received by students.