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Web3 project
Participating in the 2-months long Moralis Avalanche Hackathon.
Started learning solidity
Web3 project
Learning solidity
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Finished Build a Web3 App with Solidity + Ethereum Smart Contracts.

And got certificate as NFT !!! 
Nov 22, 2021
Getting more and more addicted to crypto by the day! love this #web3
Really excited by what I'm seeing in web3. Want to try and get involved somehow. 
Followed an online course
Used Rust
Used React.js
Web3 project
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Watched a documentary
'Le mystère Satoshi' is a documentary about the Bitcoin inventor.

Built a feature
Web3 project
Learning solidity
Working on solidity projects
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Built a cool NFT turn based game using solidity, on Buildspace's weekend hackathon.

Earned an achievement nft.