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Bought bitcoin
Bought my first BTC as high school student
Bought an NFT
Joined a DAO
I became one of the founding members of Protein's new Web3 community that launched today and after their launch event in their discord server, I minted a free $PRTN launch NFT on Mirror.

$PRTN will be used by the community to supercharge collaboration, conversation and governance. It is a utility token and its first utility will be used for access to the Protein Community. The full extent of the $PRTN token is to be defined by the community within the pre-season––focusing on reimagining the relationships amongst brands, creators, and communities.

Started learning about Blockchain
Today, I started learning about blockchain. I have completed 20% of the course. And I acquired much information about the Blockchain and Bitcoin. 
I have started learning Blockchain at Kerala Blockchain Academy.
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Joined a DAO
Joined the Developer DAO - a community of builders who believe in collective ownership of the internet.
Sep 02, 2021
Sold ETH
Reflected on past mistakes
Just remembered that I sold 15 ETH at $164.50 in April 2019...

Well you know what they say, "You can't time the market."