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Product Sprint Director, UBC Product Management Club
Started 6 months ago
I'm building a program for aspiring product managers in Canada, based at the UBC Vancouver campus.

Students will assemble teams to work on software companies' products as if they were associate product managers. Over two weeks, they will identify the user's key problem, brainstorm solutions, design a prototype, then pitch it in front of industry product managers who will serve as judges.

My team of 10 students from UBC Product Management Club is currently in the process of finding case sponsors, mentors, and judges, plus planning the curriculum for the program. We're hoping it will change the way product teams at software companies connect with students in Vancouver and beyond.
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Product Sprint Director, UBC Product Management Club
General Manager, D3Smedia UG (haftungsbeschr.)
Nov 01, 2021
🇩🇪 Es war mir nicht nur eine große Freude, sondern auch eine Ehre, für die Führungsakademie des Deutschen Olympischen Sportbundes in der Arbeitsgruppe zur Erarbeitung des Curriculums der Ausbildung für die Event-Inklusionsmanager*innen („EVIs“) im Sport mitzuwirken, die bereits im September gestartet sind und dann ab 2022 in die begleitende Ausbildung an der DOSB-Führungsakademie gehen werden.

🇬🇧 It not only was a great pleasure for me, but also an honor to work for the German Olympic Sports Confederation Leadership Academy in the working group for the development of the curriculum for the training of the new Sports Event Inclusion Managers (in German abbreviated "EVIs") who already started their job in September and will then go into vocational training at the DOSB leadership academy from 2022 on.

#Inklusion #Sporteventmanagement #GemeinsamSindWirStark #StrongTogether #Inclusion #Leadership #Sports
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Director of Education, Ethical Society of St. Louis
Started 8 months ago
Developing a new Social-Emotional Learning ethics and curriculum for students K-12 
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Director of Applied Storytelling, First Person Arts
Aug 10, 2021
Later today I'm teaching a workshop about storytelling in the workplace. Learn more on the First Person Arts website or send me a message about how we can connect through personal narrative!
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