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Went cycling
Cycled 9000km this year. That's 8000 more than 2020
Recovering from failure
Participated in a race
Attempted the Ochoco Gravel Grinder in Prineville Oregon and was comically unprepared. This was the most challenging physical endurance event I've ever done. The community was great and some folks helped fix my bike so that I wouldn't have to ride the backup Fat Tire I had brought just for fun. 

With better preparation, hopefully I will be back to try it again in 2022. 
Registered for Cycling Event
Registered for Special Blend Gravel - A 4-day women's gravel camp in Dufur Oregon
Nov 25, 2021
Went cycling
Cycled up El Teide 🌋
Went cycling
Was bin ich einst dort gelaufen: Woche um Woche zwei bis drei Mal 30 km um das Steinhuder Meer. Gestern war ich mit Anne und unseren Gravelbikes Santa und Urs dort. Es war kalt, windig und (dennoch) schön.
Oct 15, 2021
Went Cruisin'
Marched for social change
Went cycling
Acted in a TV Show
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After walking away from my previous job I used my newfound time to get mentally and physically healthy, and be creative. I split time between New York and Los Angeles, making it a point to walk as much as possible in both cities (yes, you can walk LA). I joined at least 1 marching or cycling protest a week to demand social change. I rediscovered my passion to drawing. And I became a background actor in hit TV series such as Succession, Billions, and Gossip Girl.