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I just published in @TDataScience Tips & Tricks of Deploying Deep Learning Webapp on Heroku Cloud
Writer, Towards Data Science
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  Starting with TensorFlow Datasets -part 1; An intro to tf.datasets API

Where I introduce you to tf.dataset and it's powerful APIs to build data preprocessing pipelines.

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Wrote an article on passing TensorFlow Developer Article.

Here I articulate my motivations to complete the exam, the resources I used in preparation for the exam, a brief overview of the exam setting, some helpful snippets for the exam, the revision strategy that I used, organizing materials during the exam and all the code I wrote building up to the exam. 
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Passed the TensorFlow Developer Certificate last week.
Nov 10, 2021
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My project for a university course is almost ready... paper works and fixing backend are in progress... but I hope the NN model will hold strong for now xD 🤞🤞
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Preping up for the TensorFlow Developer Certificate!