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Completed the Diversity and Inclusion Program
Diversity and Inclusion Program
Started an ERG
Started the Diversity Council and Co-Chair of Inaugural Global Diversity ERG at Blue Ant Media
Delivery Manager, Media Services, Blue Ant Media
Aug 06, 2021
Built a dashboard
Always looking for patterns! Today is no different.
Built a dashboard
Working with Vue.js
Learning about cybersecurity
Added a new design system component
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Developed a User Interface (UI) Dashboard for identifying third-party risk for BlueVoyant.
Wrote marketing copy
Launched social content series
Volunteered with a non-profit
Pitched a Campaign Concept
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Ad 2 Austin’s Public Service Committee provides a free full-service advertising and marketing campaign to a non-profit each year. During my time at Ad 2 Austin, that non-profit was Code2College, an organization committed to increasing the number of underrepresented students who enter STEM programs and careers.

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Established a working group
Supported CEO
Supporting Scale Ireland to develop a Sustainability Working Group.