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Set up Jenkins for the first time
Setting up an admin vm to control my Web server.  Might add other Devops tools for practice.

Not for the first time.  Check my blog for my first run through
Oct 23, 2021
Learned Kubernetes
Completed a training course
I'm still studying on the A Cloud Guru GCP Architecture learning path, but a portion of the included coursework included a quick diversion into a great Kubernetes Deep Dive course. I've dabbled with Kubernetes in the past but had never really gotten very deep with it.

Well, now I have! This quick course taught me a lot, and I feel much better prepared for fielding the GKE-related questions that I'm sure will be on my Associate Cloud Engineer exam next week.
Used GitOps
Researched DevOps Tooling
Spent the week deep-diving into GitOps.  First with ArgoCD, which I've used in various commercial settings including my current role and the one before.

Then I had a long demo from Harness.  That is certainly a neat but expensive tool.  It's got a lot of features and can do things that ArgoCD can't, but does my client need it?  Probably not.  But I know other that might.

And finally, from a personal tooling setup, I've gotten into FluxCD - which is purely textual, and not that dissimilar from running native kubectl on Kubernetes.  That was my favourite tool and what I'll use on my own Kubernetes cluster.

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Oct 16, 2021
Started Major Cloud Migration Project
Used PostgreSQL
We have started migration our startup community to Azure Cloud!

Btw if you want to be among the first to join, here is the waiting list:
Co-founder & UI developer, Mentedy
Wrote a Blog Post
Used AWS
Used Linux
Used Prometheus
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Shadowed a SAP Consultant
Working with SAP
Looking for developers
Now hiring
Looking for devops
Looking for consultants
Started a new role at the LEGO Group
Completed LEGO build
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