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May 25, 2020
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Started a Discord Server
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Started Tambayan 404 with Richard and Sam because at the time we all wanted a community that was not focused on any tech stack or anything work related, and was more on just chilling, hanging out, and not take life seriously.

At the time, it was the first "height of the pandemic" (only saying this since until now the pandemic is still far from over here in the Philippines 😅) and communities moved online.

The conversation actually started because Sam wanted to host a ManilaCSS meetup online, but wasn't sure where to set it up. We ended up talking about how it would be nice if there was a combined community for developers, designers, product managers, and the like to come together and just, relax. We didn't know anyone else who set up a community like this before, where the goal really is to chill with like-minded people, but you'd still have an avenue to ask help for certain things, like in design or in coding.

We also saw how Discord was a good place for us to set this up, since we also were all gamers in some form or way and knew how the features were good enough for what we were looking for: a space with categorized text channels for different topics, voice channels if people wanted to chat, play games together, or share their screen, and custom emojis to express ourselves outside the Unicode set ones.

Once we agreed on it, we started the server on Discord and started sharing it with friends. Tambayan 404 has now grown into a place where Filipinos in Tech and other tech enthusiasts can unwind, have fun, and not take life seriously. We also have occasional knowledge sharing sessions we call Water Cooler sessions, and also have a community podcast.

You can join the server at discord.gg/tambayan404 💖

Aug 20, 2021
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The MS Content Contributor Consortium has been a work in progress the last couple months. With limited members to workout the layout and access, I was finally able to allow access to those who request.

The server is for those who create Microsoft content. These individuals will use the server to seek for help, provide assistance, collaborate and grow as a community to help one another.