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Authored a workflow and produced documentation to improve planning, accountability, time management, and efficient division of labor for institutional digital projects.
Digital Projects Specialist, American Philosophical Society Library
Started 2 months ago
Documented a backend system
Documenting the as-is state of an authoritative source of data workflow system in order to facilitate the design of new solution which will replace current and legacy system.
Senior Technology Business Analyst, Barclays
Contributed to open source
Updated a documentation
Updated documentation for books
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Contributing to open source
Updated a documentation
Recently updated the VSCode docs for Extensions
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Mentored someone
Gave a presentation
Documented a backend system
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I spent part of my last week and a half researching a legacy internal system we use as part of our company's phones offering. I wrote up an in-depth analysis on our internal company wiki, detailing the context within which this system operates, how our customer-facing products consume it, the technology and the inner workings of the code.

Today I gave a presentation on this content to the internal team responsible for maintaining it (and other interested internal software engineers), to help them develop their own mental model of this system. As a team, they will be able to use the knowledge conveyed both in the documentation and the recording to guide their decision making as they look to improve its maintainability, stability, and security - some of the important architectural qualities needed in long-lived software.

After the presentation, I facilitated a discussion where each attendee shared their thoughts on how to improve the system along these "-ilities". Sessions like these help the team members understand how each other thinks, gives them a chance to learn from each others' ideas, and surfaces the best ideas. This collaboration leads to the team feeling more ownership over the outcome of their work, which improves engagement and overall work happiness. It also gives team members a chance to step up and demonstrate leadership skills and knowledge, opening them up to new opportunities within the team.
Principal Software Engineer, Sangoma
Updated a syllabus repository
The online syllabus repository (OSR) is the university's open resource containing all syllabi and reading materials from all courses on offer at the university. Due to the updates to certain courses. contents in some pages of the repository were updated. Additionally, new courses have started to be offered in the university since the last update, so the syllabi of those courses were added accordingly.
Moodle Support, University of the People