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May 04, 2016
Made a presentation using prezi
Sketched a wireframe
Worked on a Website
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Made an interactive presentation and a wireframe website, for an Information technology company.
Started 25 days ago
Documented a backend system
Scoping a Backend System
For the past month I have been writing on an in detail document how to migrate from Heroku to AWS.

Covering th new infrastructure and the new CI/CD flow.
Lead developer, Neopix
Oct 01, 2021
Contributed to open source
Updated a documentation
Released a new version
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Created new wrapper methods for my PHP routing library. Now there is an easier way of adding simple routes to your project by using the aliased get, post, put, patch and delete methods when adding new routes.

Also updated the code documentation and project sample codes.

New version (v2.0.6) is available as a composer package

Checkout the source code at GitHub
Documented and created RACI charts for team activities
The team's overall activities were not documented at the time - I took over the creation of manuals, FAQs, and videos. 
Later on, RACI charts were added to give transparency to the group's work.
Resource Management Operations Project Lead - DEI, Cognizant
Took over the SOP writing for CIS Leadership processes
Several processes lacked documentation
Resource Management Operations Project Lead - DEI, Cognizant
Wrote the Hardware Delivery Process SOP
Took over a CIS critical process without SOP nor WI.
Created a SOP and logical process, documented and implemented changes.
Resource Management Operations Project Lead - DEI, Cognizant