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Became a Dog Mom
In April 2014, I became a dog mom to the best Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ever: Cookie. Follow his adventures on Instagram @Cookie.
Jul 06, 2021
Celebrated my dog's birthday
Lulu turns one!

Became a Dog Mom
Completed our family with a little furry friend. 
Spent time with my dog
Spent time with my dogs
My first litter of Bullmastiff puppies were born!
Celebrated my dog's birthday
This is our Border Collie - Max. He was born on a sheep farm in Ballyferriter, two fields away from the Atlantic ocean. His fear of sheep was the fantastic reason Max joined our family a year ago last week!
Got a dog
Everyone, meet our new family member Taras, a smooth-coated Border Collie 🐑

This is his first month at home in three minutes.