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Web Developer & 3D Artist, studio archer
Apr 28, 2022
Researching PHP
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Drupal & devops wrangler, University of Adelaide
Apr 10, 2022
I recently upgraded the https://mydirtbike.com site from Drupal 7.x to Drupal 9.x. Original content from across the last 20 years was successfully migrated to this latest version.

Having this original content makes it one of the longest lived Drupal sites. With the original launch based on Drupal 3. We think. After all, its a looong time ago ;-)

The website is again open for registration and login. Now using Facebook and Google social auth. We'll be working on other features to improve the site and look forward to seeing people registering and enjoying it again.
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Fullstack Drupal developer, Self-employed
Aug 01, 2018
And 1500+ installations for Menu Manipulator module
Solving translation issues in Drupal menu is very satisfying.

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Fullstack Drupal developer, Self-employed
Apr 06, 2022
Did you know #Twitter and #Drupal are good friends?

Let me introduce you to them with this easy-peasy module to create a Twitter block in Drupal: https://www.drupal.org/project/twitter_api_block
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Fullstack Drupal developer, Self-employed
Nov 30, 2021
You're not a Drupal ninja until you mint NFTs from your site :) 

Try the Drupal NFT module to mint non-fungible tokens from your website's content: https://www.drupal.org/project/nft

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Fullstack Drupal developer, Self-employed
Mar 31, 2022
Do you know how to create beautiful tooltips in Drupal?
...and how do you display long/advanced HTML inside?
...what about displaying a custom form on mouse hover?

Answers in this new Drupal module!
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