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Aug 22, 2021
New Raspberry Pi
Learning Embedded Software
Experimenting with Technology
Used Rust
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Finally got my RaspberryPi Zero to spit out text over its serial interface, with Rust and no OS!!!

(Yes, it is a milestone... this was after a few months of messing around on weekends! Now I can properly debug it without relying on the LED.)
Started a Hardware Project
Sequential control of Three Motors                               -development of logic and implementation of sequential  control of three motors based on given situations 
Built a CPU
Built my own 8-bit CPU from scratch following Ben Eater's videos.

Built a Printed Circuit Board


Hexo, a play on hexa- as in the prefix for "having six", is a circuit that uses a 555 and CD4017 to randomly illuminate select one of six LEDs, similar to a die. By using a capacitor and transistor, the circuit will toggle through the six LEDs, flashing them in sequence, and then slowly reduce the frequency until only one is left on.