Ensemble Programming

Created by Maaret Pyhäjärvi, Principal Test Engineer at Vaisala Oyj
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Wrote a Blog Post
Coined a term
I've coined the term "Baked Data" to describe the architectural pattern where you deploy a read-only bundle of data alongside the code for an application. I wrote about that in detail here: The Baked Data architectural pattern
Published on Ensemble Programming
Wrote my 1st post on ensemble (mob) programming having experienced it for a day in San Diego with the Hunter Mob and with my own team in Helsinki. 

Facilitated ensemble testing
Facilitated ensemble testing at XP 2015 Conference in a workshop on Collaborative Exploratory and Unit Testing. 
Published a book
Published on Ensemble Programming
Published 1st version of Ensemble (Mob) Programming Guidebook as a printout for participants at workshop on Collaborative Exploratory and Unit Testing at Test Masters Academy, New York. 

Was interviewed on ensemble programming
Was interviewed on ensemble testing
Interview by Valerie Silverthorne on 1st experiences of "tried ensemble (mob) testing and living to tell about it" with Maaret Pyhäjärvi. Stated “I’m not certain if I enjoy this style of working in the long term” on record to later change my mind on a transformative way of working. 

Facilitated ensemble testing
Proposed an ensemble testing session at CITCON open space conference in Helsinki, Finland.