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Featured in dev.to's official twitter account
My article has got featured on Dev Community's official Twitter account.

I wrote that article on dev.to. You can read the entire article from here
Featured in media
Extremely proud to see Mock Service Worker featured in Kent C. Dodd's dive into how he built a modern website in 2021.

MSW is a fantastic tool for mocking network requests in both the browser and node.

MSW is an enormous productivity and confidence booster for me.

I highly recommend reading this article to learn a thing or two about Remix, caching, database operations with Prisma, and a bunch of other patterns Kent employs to design his website.

Also make sure to check out MSW for yourself to gain power over your network in a non-intrusive, seamless way. 
Featured in media
Mock Service Worker has moved into the "Trial" category on Technology Radar! It's now officially worth pursuing for companies big and small, assessing the benefits (and risks) its adoption may have on your products.

I'm proud to be a part of the team that expands the expectations towards API mocking on the web and helps thousands of developers write better tests, prototype fantastic applications, and debug data-related issues like network-wielding demigods. Let's push the boundaries of developer experience even further together!

Consider adopting MSW in your development workflow.
Featured on Figma
The digital camera interaction that I made earlier in November got featured on Figma's tweet and blog post
Wrote an article
Featured on a news blog
Check out my feature on Product led growth predictions for 2022!

Featured in Microsoft Imagine Cup
Spoke about my experience at vGHC'21