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Built a Figma plugin
Launching a Figma plugin for generating Indian User Data. This is a third plugin I have worked on till now, and the longest one I have ever coded. 😊

The idea for this plugin came from a client's feedback I got in one of the presentations where I had used western sample names for users (John Doe being one of them 🤦‍♂️). The need was to have an easy way to use Indian names in designs. What better than a tiny tool over Figma as I use it the most. So, here it is. 

Indian User Data Tools helps to generate Indian user-specific sample data for design and testing. Now Ram, Pinki, and Bablu can all become part of the design content. 

Give it a try!
Built a Figma plugin
Launched second plugin to Figma Community. 🚀

Desi Ipsum is a lorem-ipsum random text generator for Indian Languages. Currently working for 11 languages. 

Built a Figma plugin
Submitted a Figma Plugin
Developed a Figma plugin
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Built and launched the first-ever Figma plugin called Confetti Genie to the community. Also, my first ever JavaScript product release being a non-programmer designer. 

Really excited about building actual software tools on top of Figma.⚡

This is a fun tool to add a confetti-esque color shower to your Figma designs.
Dec 13, 2021
Published to the Figma community
Released a FigJam Widget

Published FigJenda to the Figma community 🚀

After months of hard work, I'm ecstatic to have released the MVP of FigJenda to the FigJam community.

FigJenda combines a meeting agenda 📖 with an interval timer ⏱ — using FigJam's built in timer for a robust experience for all attendees.

Install it today ->
Dec 03, 2021
Built a FigJam Widget
Working with Vue.js
Used VueJS
Using Vue3
Built a Figma plugin
Built with the FigJam Widget API
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Built the FigJenda MVP

After designing the FigJenda MVP in Figma, I started building the widget. As this was my first time working with FigJam's Widget API (which had just been announced at the time), this was a continuous learning process.

This process then informed iterations on the design of the MVP in Figma, creating a back and forth cycle that led to a product that both solved a problem, and was feasible to implement.

The Widget code is visible on my Github for reference ->
Designed a UI for my 100 days design
Finished '100 Days of' Challenge

Day 100: Redesign Daily UI Landing Page