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Updated Figma Plugin
 ✨ Updated Confetti Genie plugin for Figma. 

 🪄 Now users can select shapes to generate Confetti elements as they like
Jan 18, 2022
Published a Figma Community File
Created a Figma community file
Designed a New Component
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Just published my very first resource in the Figma Community!
It's a tree component with 5 levels of incrementation that uses auto-layout and variants, very useful if you work with data sorting or incremented folders :)

Take a look:

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Personal Development
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A small thought-piece on vulnerability. As Brené Brown says, "you can't get to courage without rumbling with vulnerability". It really is a rumbling but the rewards are worth it.
Updated Figma Plugin
✨ Updated Indian User Data Tools Figma plugin

👷‍♂️ Now we can select domains to generate specific user professions

🪄 Update to plugin UI
Updated Figma Plugin
✨ Updated Confetti Genie Figma plugin. 

🎨 Users can now add multiple colors of their choice for generating confetti elements or use the randomized color generator to use with one click.
Started 13 days ago
Creating a Figma Plugin
Working on another Figma plugin for boosting the design workflow ⏱️ ⚡

Stay tuned!