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Sep 11, 2021
Created a Figma Plugin
Shared a Figma plugin idea I'm working on: Color System. It's a simple plugin that helps you generate linked color styles, which is particularly useful for design systems where you want something like `textPrimary` to reference `gray1000`.

Watch the Loom:
Created a Figma Plugin
Shortly after starting at Figma I wanted to try making my own plugin. We had just gone into lockdown so I thought it'd be fun to make a virtual version of Codenames.

You can try it out here. (Note I had to take it down and repost with an unaffiliated name.) 
Spoke at Config 2020
Niko (my design counterpart) and I spoke about our experience iterating on the Variants feature at Config 2020. You can watch it on Youtube here
Aug 27, 2021
Held a Figma 101 workshop
Taught Figma basics
I held a Figma 101 workshop internally with my new teammates at AcadArena 😄 Gave them a quick run through on:
  • basic Figma and FigJam usage
  • Components
  • Auto Layout magic ✨
  • Figma file applications (presentations, making memes, etc.)
  • Best practices
I'm happy I can nerd out about Figma in my current job 😆
Senior Product Designer, AcadArena
Published a Figma file
Created a Figma community file

iOS iMessage Stickers Template - Figma file

This is my starter template for designing Stickers for iOS iMessage + the App Icon for the app.

Figma file
Spoke at Config 2021
Spoke at Config 2021: "Pushing Figma to its Limits"
Principal Product Designer, Intuit