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Nov 19, 2021
Published a Figma Community File
Completed a Whiteboard Exercise


I used this framework template to solve a recent challenge I'm working on and decided to share the translated version in Portuguese on the Community. Doing product design whiteboard exercises can help make the early steps of the process more comfortable. I had contact for the first time, through the mentoring I did with Thiago, and it helped a lot in my challenges and interviews.

The original "Whiteboard" template is from designer Victoria (and I asked to translate and publish on twitter, thank you Victoria!).
Designed Mockup
Designed UI
Used Figma
Designed a logo
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Tried designing mobile mockups of an NFT Exploration App idea on Figma.
Named it RARE App. Designed the logo as well!
Consists of a user login page, feed, product detail page.

Checkout other versions here:
Started 5 days ago
Launched a product
Creating a Figma Plugin
I am building blokdots together with my friends Olivier and Marcus. blokdots is a tool that enables everyone to build interactive hardware prototypes without writing a line of code.

We want to take away what’s scary and time-consuming for beginners or even stops people entirely from using an Arduino. Our clean UI is friendly and easy to use, but it’s powerful nonetheless. From guidance on where you can connect which component, through live visualization of the data coming from sensors, IFTTT-style programming, easy modeling of continuous relationships, virtual components for advanced logic, up to code export, so you can continue working on your prototype when you outgrow blokdots.

Right now we are focusing on enabling our users to prototype connected products, and are implementing our vision for how hardware and software prototyping can interact. To bridge the gap between design tool and real world we have already published integrations for Figma and Prototpie, allowing you to integrate hardware into your UI.
Co-Founder, blokdots
Jun 17, 2019
Worked in E-Commerce
Used Figma
Used Adobe XD
Illustrated in Adobe Illustrator
Redesigned an User Experience
Mentored a User Experience Designer
Designed a B2C and B2B product
Created a brief
Guided Research And Design Processes
Shadowed an IT Project Manager
Shared a decision framework
Shared a style guide
Shared knowledge
Designed website
Prototyped a Design
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Immersion in the universe of e-commerce experience

I participated in the discovery, delivery and support for new and ongoing projects, having contact with projects such as Loja Asus, Melissa, Karmani, Kesses, Wishin, Casa Almeida - Buddemeyer Luxus, Todo Livro, Muller, Decanter, Editora do Brasil, SBS International, together with designers Gustavo Buarque and André Zuchi. 

Surveyed requirements for the design of interfaces for B2B and B2C e-commerces. Organized service to define briefings participating in kickoffs with clients; Presentation of improvements in design processes, projects and solutions. When I joined the company, have a team of nearly 50 developers as the only designer, having contact in meetings with clients in São Paulo since the 1st.
Maintained a Style Guide
Used Figma
Wrote UI Documentation
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I made some progress on an internal Viget Parts Kit library this week.

This week focused on documenting how checkboxes, radio controls, text field inputs, and buttons can be inserted into other files and all the variants that are available for each.
Oct 22, 2021
Featured by Figma
Two of my plugins (Get››all and Text››helper) were featured by Figma in their FigJam plugins section on the community!