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Added new feature
Learned Firebase
Used Firebase
Added customer support
Implemented chat feature
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Added chat feature into our internal web app named JARVIS for use by customer support teams. This would allow our customers to reach out from our main app, which will enable the team to resolve customers' issues and raise new feature/bug tickets.
Software Engineer, Schmooze
Used Firebase
Launched a new website
Used Nextjs
Using Tailwind CSS
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Just completed setting up Firebase v9 on a new nextjs project, and I must say the dev experience blows the former out of the water. 

Very simple to get snapshots listeners up & running. Quite easy to understand what's happening, contrary to the previous verbose API. ❤️‍🔥
Aug 01, 2021
Studied React
Used JavaScript
Developed a Single Page App
Used Firebase
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Tried React this weekend a little and made a Netflix Clone with the help of a tutorial.

Here is the Github link -
Here is the deployment link -
Used React.js
Used Firebase
Learned Firebase
Worked on a side project
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Implemented user sign-up and sign-in with Firebase in a React app. 

Learned Firebase
Worked on a side project
Learned how to set up FireBase and seeded a database for a project.
Jul 11, 2021
Hackathon Attendee
Used Firebase
Used Python
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Our group built CreaToon, an online tool that you can convert any real-world images into cartoonified versions, during Hacktoon. We're proud of completing all the functionalities of this project, and hosting it with a .tech domain, within the weekend. Try out at