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Published a Flutter package
🥳 I've published my first Flutter package 🥳

It's a plugin to calculate a file checksum as MD5 hash, using a platform native implementation.


I've also learned a few things along the way:

💡 How to create a Flutter package 
💡 How to use Pigeon (https://pub.dev/packages/pigeon) to generate bridge code between Flutter and the host platform (instead of writing it by hand)
💡  How to write integration tests for Flutter 
💡 How to publish a Flutter package, making sure it gets the highest score possible 
💡 How to become a verified publisher on http://pub.dev
Shipped an app
Published an app on Google Play
Built a Flutter app
Added new feature
Made using Flutter
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🎉🎉 Today is the day I finally updated my very first published app 🎉🎉
I first published Scored! in 2016 (!). It was made with Java, then rebuilt from scratch with Kotlin and a few years later rebuilt again in Flutter 🧑‍💻😵‍💫

It's worked well for the last few years but I still wanted to add something new to it.

So, logically, I decided to rebuild it (once again 😬) with the latest version of Flutter, which allowed me to make it a web app too 👍

For anyone wanting to check it out, here are the links :
- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=be.tteo.scored
- https://scored.gitlab.io
- https://gitlab.com/scored/scored.gitlab.io
push to github
Pushed my first Flutter project to GitHub.

Stack: Flutter

Source Code

Coded a Flutter App
Learnt Flutter
Finished a course
Finished a Flutter Course
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Just finished a flutter course and coded a simple transfer form which updates a transference list once confirmation button is pressed. https://cursos.alura.com.br/certificate/a508c17a-68a5-4823-bd79-56e45a5f864c
Built a mobile app
Made using Flutter
Built my second mobile app called "Bang the Bongos".

Dart code: https://github.com/thenerddev/bongos/blob/c4a1ddd3f7b71254c10954858680244227bbc14d/lib/main.dart
Made using Flutter
Built a mobile app
100 Days of Flutter, Day 11
  • Did the “Dicee” project, a mobile app that (psuedo)randomly changes the number on a dice when you press on it
  • Updated my Flutter SDK to 2.2
  • Switched from Android Studio to Visual Studio Code
  • Learned about migrating from the Material library's deprecated FlatButton to TextButton
  • Learned about the Random class