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Writing Family History Books

In the last two years, I have attempted to gather information I have about a branch in my family.

I started by writing a factual book, with proper bibliography. But then some family members found it a bit too academic and suggested a more creative approach.

So last year, I started a biographical novel on my great-grandfather's life. It's still a work in progress, and I find that I need to go back and forth between the two book projects whenever I find new information, so I can document it properly first, and then see how I can influence the novel to incorporate the new details.
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Added info on old Paris streets on Wikipedia

A couple of ancestors of mine purchased land in Paris in the 1860s and sold it in plots in the years that followed. These plots became a street, named after the owners.

I added info on Wikipedia 🇫🇷 about that street and adjacent streets allowing to access the plots, as per the notary documents I have been studying.