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Nov 23, 2021
Finished a portfolio project
Used Kubernetes
Used Google Cloud Platform
Used Git
Used Crossplane
Used Argo CD
Used Github
Practised CI/CD
Learning Infrastructure as Code
Wrote technical documentation
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I finished and published Eutuxia on Github.
Nov 03, 2021
Started a personal project
Used Kubernetes
Used Google Cloud Platform
Used Crossplane
Used Git
Used GitOps
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I started working on the proposed architecture, deployment and lifecycle management for Eutuxia, a video sharing platform.
Using Infrastructure as Code tools such as Crossplane and according to Gitops best practices. 
Jun 28, 2021
Published a Project to Github
Used Google Cloud Platform
Designed a Scalable and Reliable System
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I published my Project Zemata: a Media site. I discussed the proposed architecture of the site.
Nov 17, 2021
Deployed a server to Google Cloud
Used Docker-Compose

Deployed Snikket XMPP messaging server to Google Cloud (Free Tier)

I came across the Snikket project the other day, which strives to make decentralized-but-federated end-to-end-encrypted messaging built on the open XMPP protocol more accessible to non-techies. They provide a hosted option but also make it extremely easy to self host; I'm a sucker for self-hosting things so I thought I'd give it a try.

The Snikket Quick Start Guide made it incredibly simple to get up and running. It honestly took me longer to finalize the registration of a new domain ( - a shorter alt for than it did to create a new Ubuntu e2-micro instance on Google Cloud's free tier, configure DNS records and firewall rules, deploy the Snikket server components in a docker container, and create a user account through the Snikket Android app.

And now I've got a private chat server I can use for communicating with my closest friends - like any of my Polywork connections who might want to check it out:

I'm pretty impressed with the project so far, and I'm excited about Snikket's future possibilities. It's much less nerd-centric than my Matrix + Element setup is. The client and server both work very well, and the process of onboarding as a new user couldn't be simpler.

To put that to the test, I've also deployed another instance that I'm going to try to use as a replacement for my family's many group text threads! Wish me luck!
Nov 09, 2021
Cloud study jam
Google Cloud Platform
Unboxed a gift
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Thank you for the precious gift @Google Cloud
Completed internship
Used Google Cloud Platform

wrapped up my journey at

The company is still in the MVP phase and not fully out of beta, and here are some of the things I learned in past 4 months:

  • using GCP and it's offerings for monitoring, logging and querying
  • debugging node applications
  • doing a tiny bit of QA testing with the devs
  • finding performance bugs by profiling go microservices
  • how communication is the key in remote world
It was awesome experience, thought we didn't had customers yet but the process of building was engaging and fun.
DevOps Intern, SwrmLabs