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Founder, Growth Hacking Recruiters Ltd
May 20, 2021

Finished our Project with Aula

🤷🏼‍♂️ Feels strange to not be writing a we are #hiring post but this week we are winding things down at Aula. I just checked my dashboards and across contract and perm hires we have helped the team make more than 80 hires since I joined them in the beginning of February.

Thank you so much Ozzie Clarke-Binns (he/him) and Rune Kvist (he/him) for inviting me to join you for this project.

What did I learn?

Hiring Manager led hiring works.

If you have a great team of leaders with a great mission then impossible tasks become easy.

Our team at Growth Hacking Recruiters have been very proud to support you all and we are excited to start our new project in a couple of weeks time.

We are excited to see Aula's team help more educators create more engaging experiences at universities.

In the meantimes, we are helping Mariya Hristova (she/her) with everything she needs to help Aula grow.

And we will be answering the question, how did we do this?

So that they have everything they need to do it again when they go through the next phase of scaling.

They don't have many roles open right now, but if you want to find out more about joining an awesome #edtech #startup.

Give the Aula Brain a read
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Founder and Principal Coach, Get Set Rise Coaching and Consulting
Nov 09, 2021
Get-Set-Rise Coaching and Consulting presents

#CoachTalks with Shreyas Episode 7 Ft. Aprilynne Alter

⚜TOPIC: Community building for students and leveraging it to find internships.

⚜Join us Live to know more about:

👉 Taking a peek into Aprilynne's story

👉 Breaking down her journey into actionable steps

👉Her experience of building an engaged community on Twitter

👉Secrets of using social media to find good internship opportunities

➤Bring your Questions
➤Share your perspectives
➤Show us your love, support and encouragement

Share your views in the comments👇🏼

#shreyaskoushik #mindset #CommunityBuilding
#LinkedInLiveStream #students #internship
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Host - Coach Talks With Shreyas, Get Set Rise Coaching and Consulting
Founder, Growth Hacking Recruiters Ltd
Oct 08, 2021
This morning I caught up with Rassam from Doctolib to chat about closing candidates and how important it is too business and recruiters that are hiring.

You can check out the live stream recording over on my YouTube channel here

And if you are interested in understanding our closing process with candidates you can view our process map here
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Founder, Growth Hacking Recruiters Ltd
Sep 01, 2021

Celebrated 6000 members in the Growth Hacking Recruiters Facebook Group!

Pretty exciting moment when a hobby gets really big.

Learn more about;
and if you are not already a member, come join us!
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Founder, Growth Hacking Recruiters Ltd
Product Designer, League
Sep 11, 2020
Got invited by Trabajo en Digital, dedicated to share experiences and help people get into tech, regardless of where they are or they backgrounds. It was watched by +800 people!

Watch the recording here. (spanish!)
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Recruiting Manager, Professional Recruiters Inc.
Aug 25, 2021
Seeking a VP of Business Development for an elite AI Organization! 
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