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Learnt Swedish Bowl Carving
Took a class on Swedish Bowl Carving at Maine Coast Craft in Bristol Maine. It all starts with one half of a birch log and we used axes, adzes, and gouges to create the final shape. 
Learnt Windsor Chair Making
Spent a week with George Sawyer north of Montpelier VT learning to make a Windsor Chair. It's an amazingly intricate process that involves way more steps than I was able to capture in my notebook. By using hand tools and green wood the resulting chair is so much lighter and more delicate than a mass produced copy. I haven't gotten a chance to make a second chair yet but I've used the skills I developed to make a number of step / milking stools as gifts.
May 24, 2021
Under Construction Website Templete
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Created an Under Construction Template for new sites which is on maintenance or construction.

You can checkout the site here: My Template

Project is Open Source on Github and Gitlab
Learnt Timber Framing
Took a week long course at Maine Coast Craft to learn scribe rule timber framing. It's a technique more often used in France and England that allows the use of any shape and size of timber, including timber with sweeping curves, rather than relying on square beams from a mill.