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Went on vacation
A nice week of vacation to catch up on some life stuff and read all the articles and books that I've had on deck.
Went on vacation
"Currency, streams of income, cash flow, liquid assets. Why is money associated with water terms?

I'm 80 percent water, am I the real money?"

I'm on vacation this week to get out of the office and flow.

For anyone looking to get off the waitlist for polywork, use code moneycakes and consider it current sea.
Travelled to Azores
Went on vacation
Explored island São Miguel in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. Definitely a different kind of summer vacay 🏔🐋
Aug 07, 2021
Wrote code
Wrote CSS
Responsive Web design
Went on vacation
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Its been a while, but it's been a learning curve programming on a laptop again. Not used to having to alt tab so much.

Made fixes to issues while in mobile. Was also able to embed a YT video to the .md file & made it responsive.

Btw this is the view I have.

19/100 #100DaysOfCode
Went on vacation
Went to New York City, first travel trip since early 2020. 
Met great people, ate amazing food, saw some peculiar stuff, watched pigeons be their weird, spectacular bird selves.

{Image Description: Large flock of pigeons gathered to eat seed spread by a person unseen on the camera. Most of the birds are on the ground, but some are mid-flight.}
Jul 06, 2021
Went on vacation
Recorded a show and did nothing to generate shareholder value for two weeks.

Highly recommended, 10/10.