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Updated forms though a DEI lens
Advocated for Gender Equality
Pitched a proposal to revamp all forms within the client - this included:

  • Open fields for pronouns
  • Optional fields for sexual orientation and gender.
  • Optional fields for minorities

Based some of the fields on OIT info :) 
Resource Management Operations Project Lead - DEI, Cognizant
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Advocated for Gender Equality
Advocated for gender nuetrality
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I've always been a big fan of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and take to heart her quote "Fight for the things that you care about in a way that will lead others to join you" so I wrote something titled RBG, Equality And Gender Neutrality.

In her continuing mission to blaze a trail for equality, RBG never veered from a fight against injustice. It didn’t matter who was being discriminated against, the fight for justice always came first.

We are all aware that silence normalises oppression and bias, and so we should all be individuals devoted to the power of equity and resolve not to be silent in light of any form of prejudice, marginalisation, racism or sexism.

If you have the time and inclination, would love for you to have a read, to celebrate her and maybe provide some feedback on my call out to take up a Modernised RBG Perspective for Advocacy beyond the binary.
Published Article: RBG, Equality and Gender Neutrality.
Attended a webinar
Professional Development
Supporting Inclusion
Being a better human
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Attended a webinar hosted by American Public Gardens Association

IDEA Cafe: Transgender Inclusion at Public Gardens
Advocated for Gender Equality
Attended a General Assembly
Together with more than 4.000 members of the ethical and cooperative bank, Banca Popolare Etica, I have attended the Extraordinary Assembly in Palermo. 

We voted for amendments in the bank statute that makes it the first statute in the banking system (in both Italy and Spain) to use gender-neutral language. 

We are very proud of it! 
Aug 26, 2021
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Advocated for Gender Equality
Have you ever thought: "a woman cannot do that"? Just because she's female? Or vice versa?

Many of us have a clear picture about what is typical male or female and that influences our behavior. This "influence" is called gender bias.

Any opinions on that? I am happy to discuss it in English or German!

My new article is about this (only in German):
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Ein Buch und einen Gymbag für jeden Schüler des Jenaplan Gymnasiums
Founder, Punk Inc.