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Aug 26, 2021
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Advocated for Gender Equality
Have you ever thought: "a woman cannot do that"? Just because she's female? Or vice versa?

Many of us have a clear picture about what is typical male or female and that influences our behavior. This "influence" is called gender bias.

Any opinions on that? I am happy to discuss it in English or German!

My new article is about this (only in German):
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Ein Buch und einen Gymbag für jeden Schüler des Jenaplan Gymnasiums
Founder, Punk Inc.
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Karo was accepted into a Peruvian tribe as a translator for plant medicine work. I'm happy to support her volunteerism to be a bridge between cultures and generations.
Oct 27, 2020
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Ran a donation drive for the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation by charging a penny-a-pixel for commissions.

Raised $348.23
Feb 02, 2021
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Donated all proceeds from Peasants In A Dungeon to the Heifer Foundation.