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Created by Gleisson Graça, Senior Information Security Engineer, Governance & Assurance at Nubank
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Jul 19, 2021
Wrote about Python
Started a security project
The first draft of my latest project is here!

I'm creating a Python security resource masterlist! I want to include best practices, helpful libraries, CVEs/disclosures, blog posts, or whatever people find useful as security-conscious Python developers or developer-conscious security professionals!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for folks to PR updates/additional info! Feel free to send me a review request and I'll check it out!

Jul 18, 2021
Spoke at a conference
Gave a talk on information security
In 2019, I flew down to Austin, Texas and gave a talk at LASCon X about how to make security and developers play nice. 

The reason I gave this talk is because I'd been a developer before, and at the time was in a security role, and the communication between the two seem to fail out everywhere I look. I took some time to think about it and put together "Lost in Translation: Communicating Outside of Security".

I had a lot of people come up and thank me for this talk and ask questions! It was super cool to see people engaged and thinking about how to apply my advice to their own organizations!

Reviewed conference abstracts
Committee member for KubeCon
Reviewed security CFPs
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Completed my KubeCon committee duties by reviewing all the 128 CFPs in the Security track for the upcoming KubeCon North America in Los Angeles.

Reading abstracts is the best way to learn new things and get a sense of where the ecosystem is going. 
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Higher Education
Information Security
Systems Reliability Engineer
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Took a course
Learned about information security
Took an edX certification
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Information Security Course by Tel Aviv University

This is a 2 part course. In the first part of the course I learned about:
  • Vulnerabilities and exploits
  • Basic cryptography
  • Hash functions
  • Authentication