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Dec 08, 2021
Invested in a VC fund
Closed VC fund investment.
Invested in a Seed Round
Invested in Theatre.js: an animation library making motion design for the web easy and powerful.
Invested in a Seed Round
Invested in Liveblocks: a set of APIs and tools that helps you create performant and reliable multiplayer experiences in minutes.
May 05, 2021
Partnered with ZapHosting
We partnered up with ZapHosting. Thank you for your support <3
Project lead,
Invested in Deca’s Pre-Seed Round
If JCDecaux is the analog to billboard media, Deca brings a level of beauty to digital art that’s curated, tradeable and verified across your phone and laptop screens.
Nov 20, 2021
Wrote an article
Wrote an investment memo
Built a valuation model
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Wrote an investment memo on Olympus ($OHM), a crypto asset with advertised APY of +7,000%. I dive into whether this figure is real, and also provide a Google Sheets valuation model to calculate a fair price per token.