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Nov 09, 2021
Celebrated birthday
Captured sunset
Read a book
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I thought I could do differently on my 30th birthday, travel or do exhilarating things. Pandemic is still here so yah.

For the first time in three years here in Kuwait, I was able to do the things I normally do when I'm still in the Philippines. 

✅ Spending a long time looking and choosing for a book to read, being in the bookstore just looking stuff around is really therapeutic. I'm not really a bookish person but I enjoy reading good stuff too.
✅ Sitting in a cafe, just chilling. 
✅ Wandering around alone in the Mall.
✅ Dinner-out with family friends.

Simple yet it really felts nice. For just a few hours, I felt like so mature-strong woman. Haha.
Jul 17, 2021
Improved cooking skills
Took over the frying pan
Captured pancakes plating
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The last time I remember I made a 2 recipe pancake was in 2017. It was a disaster, glad my Mama saved me. Check it here.

I made it more decent this time, added some artichoke dip/sauce too.
Jul 14, 2021
Captured sunset
Saw a perfect golden hour
Walked in the seaside
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We had dinner at Applebee's in Scientific Center. It became our favorite store/branch bc of the epic view of the Persian Gulf. 

Nice choice of location for photography too. Used iPhone XS Max.

Deserves no filter.