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Aug 21, 2021
Building microservices
Moving to microservices? Great but the first question before you write a single line of code is: How do you organize your codebase — do you create a repository for each service or do you create a single ‘mono repo’ for all services?
Wrote Java code
Solved the Two-Sum problem on LeetCode with a solution that, at the time of this posting, was faster than 99.6% of other Java submissions, as well as more memory efficient than 66.01% of other Java submissions:
Mar 01, 2019
Contributed to open source
Published a Project to Github
Developed an android app
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Created Ali for Reddit. A Reddit client for Android. 
Dec 01, 2020
Studying Java
object oriented programming
Developed a game
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Color Switch Game

Implemented Color Switch game using JavaFX in a group of 2. I integrated IO Streams and Exception Handling on the project, which helped in input-output operations and handling unexpected events.

Link to GitHub repository

Started 3 months ago
Contributing to open source
Launched an Android app
Developed an android app
Publishing a project
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Contributed in development of Reyan App
Contributed to open source
Developed an android app
Contributed to open source Twitter client, Tweet Lanes