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Made a Discord bot that tracks transactions in a Sleeper fantasy football league. First open source project I've shared with others and have so far managed to convince 15 people to subscribe as well

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Contributed to Umami web analytics

I'd started using Umami for analytics on some of my web projects. I'd come to like it so I figured I would help fix some of the minor issues I encountered (mostly making adjustments for device screen scaling).

Oct 15, 2017
Learned JavaScript
Learned CSS
Used jQuery
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The university project that started my journey to becoming a Frontend Developer: "typro".

The goal was to write a fairly basic website or web app using jQuery and jQuery Mobile – I was hooked right from the start and also 
dove into ES6 / ES2015, Service Workers, MediaDevices and IndexedDB for persistent storage. The result is a progressive web app that lets you take pictures through a canvas-based viewfinder, stores them persistently and works fully offline. It also has simulated auth – no real security, but users can login and then only see the pictures they took.
Started 12 days ago
Building a feature
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Used FileMaker
worked on open source
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I've worked on making it easier to parse JSON into a syntax into a FileMaker Expression equivalent. Today I'm merging code to release with some new features I've recently worked on. 

  • Preference for using variables instead of values
  • Preference for using leading semicolons
  • JSON editor
Sep 10, 2021
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Using SvelteKit
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See how easily you can add Twitter, GitHub, Discord and other SVG social icons to your ❤️ Svelte app footer, contact page and share buttons.

🌟 See how effortless ❤️ Svelte makes it for you.

Hope you find this useful!
Cloudflare worker
Wrote JavaScript
On my left, a terraformed multi-account HIPAA-compliant AWS infrastructure. On my right, a marketing team and some cool business domain names. To unite both sides, a little Javascript masterpiece running on Cloudflare workers routing requests at the edge. 

Super easy to setup, secure (proper SSL/TLS certs) and quick to update. (which is noteworthy considering there is a DNS involved ⏳)
Founder and Developer, Edeltech