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Jan 16, 2022
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Pair programming
Diversity and Inclusion
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This week highlights
  1. Start the week learning the effective use of communication and cross-cultural knowledge as tools for resolving conflicts in work relationships. The use of empathy, curiosity, and questioning own biases when communicating in cross cultures
  2. A fresher look at Node Package Module (NPM), ES6 Modules, and syntax
  3. Refactored the book collection app built last week using the es6 module. You can check it out here: Live link coming soon.
  4. A first dive at Webpack setup and configuration, Create a starter boilerplates template repo on GitHub for a project with webpack, Lighthouse, Stylelint, Eslint & hint. You can find the link to the repo is here: If you find it useful, please kindly give the project a star.
  5. Build a Todo App. A simple to-do app for managing daily tasks using Webpack, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. With the functionality to add, edit, remove, delete multiple completed tasks and save on localstorage. Link to repo here:
  6. Create the first draft of my professional GitHub READMe profile page. Check here: If you like it kindly, give me a star, and feel free to fork it for personal use. Suggestion on how to make it better is highly welcome.
  7. Weekly dose of Algorithm and Data Structure Queue & Stacks
Shoutout to my coding partners this week, and the morning session team you guys are rockstars.
Stay tuned for the upcoming highlight.
Built a website
Wrote JavaScript
Worked on a new frontend project
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Bike website.

Built with:

- javascript
- html
- css

Started 4 minutes ago
Built a website
Wrote JavaScript
Worked on a new frontend project
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This is a bike website I started working on after I just tried to target different svg parts of a bike to manipulate its colors. I then decided to create an entire product. 
Used CSS
Used Github
Used JavaScript
Conteúdo em pt-BR
Built a web page
Used Html
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Virtual cat
Projeto de um "gatinho virtual" no estilo tamagochi desenvolvido apenas com HTML, CSS e javascript.
É com certeza o primeiro projeto web que eu desenvovi que tenho orgulho de mostrar pra todo mundo.
Ah, e esse projeto está disponível no Github Pages. Você pode acessá-lo clicando aqui.
Jan 14, 2022
Wrote JavaScript
This week I learned how useful is to change the use of Data URLs to Object URL to avoid the maximum size limit per browser!

Learnt JavaScript
Started 100 Days Of Code
Actually on Day 4, but who's counting?  I am doing Javascript, React from .