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to date... 
  • an application for customer complaints has been created (reprogrammed to the new version of the libraries). 

  • the application for complaints against suppliers is being completed

  • analysis of the production plan has been completed and work is underway 

  • the work on libraries and environments for creation never really ends, there are always things that can be improved
Jul 10, 2021
Used jQuery
Working with JavaScript
Deployed with Heroku
Deployed via Netlify
Designed a Backend System
Developed product strategy
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QtripDynamic is a travel website that is used to browse adventures by cities and book reservations. Also, one can choose the adventure by applying filters of price and places they would like to visit, check their history bookings if done earlier

Link - https://qtrip-dynamic-m5.netlify.app/

Feature - 
  • Built webpages using HTML and CSS, made them dynamic by using Javascript
  • UX with multi-select filters so that user can search adventures as per their choice, used image carousels
  • Condition rendering of page elements
  • persistent local storage for logging user sessions
  • Used JQuery for user's reservation form submission
  • Deployed website using Netlify and Heroku

Skills Learned - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, REST APIs, JSON, DOM Manipulation, cURL, Bootstrap Flex, Bootstrap Spacing, ES6, localStorage, JQuery, Conditional rendering, Bootstrap Carousel, Deployment, Heroku, Netlify

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Used jQuery
Worked on front-end development
Working with JavaScript
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  • the project for complete redesign of the intranet in one branch in the Czech Republic ... the intranet requires the creation of an application for production planning, people, TRS / OEE, management of application recipes, processing of laboratory data, visualization of data from various sensors

  • TRS application has been created for another branch

  • an application for recording and evaluating complaints was created

  • new options are added to the framework

    working with data in tables based on html tags TABLE, TH, TR and TD proved to be cumbersome and more complex constructions were needed => therefore a library was created that creates tables using DIV formatted CSS into the form of tables... added pagination later the possibility of filtering and sorting

  • subpages have been replaced by dynamically loaded scripts .. central stack for data exchange

    new applications are multilingual

    authentication is tied to Active Directory

  • data management is created as a master - detail form

    the most complex library for creating forms, but forms are easy to create and easy to pass data to the server 

    more libraries are added, for importing data from CSV, floating modal windows, galleries, charts (based on echarts library),  tabs, export data to CSV, Excel, or in custom format to a file for later loading into the application  

    was implemented libraries  ... datetimepicker, color picker, html2canvas, sprintf, trumbowyg, fileupload, ... 

    on the PHP side only libraries for communication with MSSQL, LDAP, SOAP and FTP remain
Working with JavaScript
Used jQuery
  • Intensive work on a new JavaScript framework for creating intranet applications. The original framework based mostly on PHP libraries was no longer suitable, more dynamic behavior on the client side was needed.

  • I was bothered by creating complex code, when PHP generated JavaScript code, the code was quite difficult to read ... so change and everything straight as JavaScript

  • It was necessary to leave html frames - so I created a library that simulates them and forms the basis of applications.

    The reason for creating the framework simulation library was to make the web application look like a classic application so that you can easily access different parts.

  • jQuery was chosen as the basis for the work

  • the goal was to have tools for creating web applications such that the page does not redraw unnecessarily (no flickering), to work as economically as possible with memory, that only the necessary data that the application processes flows between the client and the server during the work and a minimum of data in the form of scripts
Oct 15, 2017
Learned JavaScript
Learned CSS
Used jQuery
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The university project that started my journey to becoming a Frontend Developer: "typro".

The goal was to write a fairly basic website or web app using jQuery and jQuery Mobile – I was hooked right from the start and also 
dove into ES6 / ES2015, Service Workers, MediaDevices and IndexedDB for persistent storage. The result is a progressive web app that lets you take pictures through a canvas-based viewfinder, stores them persistently and works fully offline. It also has simulated auth – no real security, but users can login and then only see the pictures they took.
Coded a Web Form
Integrated with an API
Used JavaScript
Used an API
Used jQuery
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Responsive form built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap. The Form fetches information from a brazilian zip code API according to user's input to automatically fill out corresponding address details. I've also added a simple form validation and masks on telephone and zip code input fields.