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Achieved certified kubernetes application developer
Finally got my CKAD -- 
Redesigned a website
Deployed a Backend System
Wrote Scalable Services
Used Docker Swarm
Implemented Docker
Used Kubernetes
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open source project infinimesh

Portable cloud-native AIoT platform, able to handle 10k + devices from your laptop (okay, when this laptop would be 24/7 available). We finished testing with the major public cloud providers, and everything runs smooth. 
infinimesh now runs also perfectly in docker swarm, too!

Yeah, and just finished to redesign our project website of infinimesh:
Wrote a New API
Worked with React.js
Used NodeJs
Used Kubernetes
Published a project
Practised Continuous Integration
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Wrote and deployed a tool (Heidrun) to ease application deployments to Kubernetes at a customer's.

Heidrun's front is written in React, the back is written in js, with node. It uses Gitlab's API to fetch the projects and their version (branches and tags), Hashicorp Vault api to fetch the environment names and configuration, LDAP for authentication and Vault's policies for authorization management. The deployment pipelines it creates are spawned as Kubernetes Jobs with initContainers for things such as fetching the sources and variable substitution and a final container for the actual helm upgrade or kubectl apply.

Though Heidrun is plugged into Gitlab's CI to run whenever needed, it also allows for manual application deployments through the use of a form where the operator is asked to select the project name, version and targeted environment from a list.
Site Reliability Engineer, Conserto
Learnt Go language
Published a project
Used Kubernetes
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Forked an nfs volume provisioner for kubernetes in order to implement some custom needs : nfs-client-provisioner.
Site Reliability Engineer, Conserto
Wrote an Ansible Playbook
Running Kubernetes
Used Helm
Automated deployment
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Started automating the creation of on premise kubernetes clusters on bare metal for a customer, using my previous work on kubernetes with ansible, from linux host system configuration to monitoring and logging stack installation with helm in the cluster.
Site Reliability Engineer, Conserto
Started learning Kubernetes
Started learning Kubernetes by installing 1.12.1 on a bunch of arm64 odroids.