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Building something new
Designing a Backend System
Used Terraform
Used Kubernetes
Used Azure
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Switched a project and currently helping client to design and build a new system to manage location sensitive objects for insurance purposes.
Senior Solutions Architect, C.T.Co
Jan 19, 2022
Started learning Kubernetes
New year, new technologies 🚀
Jan 19, 2022
Achieved the CKS Certification
CKS 🚀🚀
Started learning Kubernetes
Set up server, set up repository connection.
kubeadm is quite a challenge.
Jan 12, 2022
Wrote an article
Used Kubernetes
Used VMware Tanzu
Deployed a project in a homelab
Learned by doing
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I deployed VMware Tanzu Community Edition in my homelab

I let the momentum from my recent Docker efforts carry me through getting VMware's free Tanzu Community Edition Kubernetes platform up and running in my homelab. I find that I learn things much better when I have a project to work on rather than just going through the motions of a lab exercise, so I also went ahead and deployed my containerized phpIPAM solution on my new k8s cluster.

And, as always, I wrote up some notes on how I did it:

I've got more work to do but this feels like a great start - and it's my first time actually getting practical with Kubernetes so I learned quite a bit along the way!
Started learning Kubernetes
I began to learn Kubernetes because we will use it at my job in the future