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Met the love of her life
Became a "Stepmom"
Stepson: hard to believe, but the shy 6-years-old boy is a self-confident man of 29 today <3
Aug 12, 2021
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My mind was blown when I opened my latest Figma Community newsletter to find my Scale››better was included as one of two plugins to check out. Super crazy!
Obtained a Life Goal
Achieved a goal
On this date the Madrid government approved our proposal and changed the law to allow minors attend concerts venues, one of my life-goals and struggles as a teenager.

This marked a huge success for the movement that I started and managed with other young people: ¡Queremos Entrar!
Co-Founder, ¡Queremos Entrar!
Jul 19, 2021
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Obtained a Life Goal
Mind was blown
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Featured by Figma in the Community under Hidden Gems. Madness.