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Dec 22, 2020
Designed a collage art piece
Obtained a Life Goal
Advocated for Women Empowerment
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Festival Expancine

My personal work has appeared in the local media with other amazing women! <3

"Designer and illustrator, in addition to using photography as a habit to exercise the look. She likes to represent nature in a delicate and gentle way, mixing and experimenting with elements such as analogue and digital photography, illustration and botanical concepts, mixing collages, cutouts and edits, generally reflecting thoughts on the feminine and poetic universe."
Nov 13, 2021
Practiced Photography
Watch Fantastic Fungi
Rabbit Hole Explorer
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Mind was blown
Photographed a Nature
Networked as an introvert
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Fluxus Fungus

"What if our indeterminate way of life was not the shape of our bodies, but the shape of our movements over time? Such indeterminacy expands our concept of human life, showing us how we are transformed by the encounter. Humans and fungi share these transformations here and now through the encounter. Sometimes they look for each other." Anna Tsing

Since my adolescence, I have always been enchanted by the magical universe of fungi and mushrooms. I took some photographs when I was 14 years old, since my first cybershot camera. Found Tuane Eggers work over 12 years ago on Flickr. I was able to send my photos to compose the artist and photographer's final master's project, and couldn't be more proud of the connections that nature, art and the internet can bring us. <3

"Dive into the magical world of fungi. From mushrooms that clean up oil spills to underground fungal networks that help trees communicate:"
Aug 15, 2015
Participated in the chapter of a book
Utilized Open-Source Framework
Wrote an academic article
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Flowchart: an application example

A step-by-step guide to transforming information and personas research into requirements for project development.

I participated in an academic project developed in 2015 and published in 2018, in the book “Visual Project Management: using information to innovate” by professor Júlio Teixeira. We apply the framework provided in class and present this case, which shows the study of the flowchart, which can help define requirements for different types of projects.

Complete book at Amazon: "Visual project management: using information to innovate"

View article in Google Academy

This project was developed with Univali's Post-Graduate Illustration team, during the course with amazing team: Betina Von Hohendorff Seger, Giselle Carolina Ferreira Zart, Ingryd Calazans Affonso, Mayara Barbato Flor, Giuliano Vieira Benedet.
Under the guidance of the teacher and author: Júlio Monteiro Teixeira
Illustration and infographic: Giuliano Vieira Benedet
Sep 26, 2020
Book Layout
Illustrated a book
Designed Print Materials
Obtained a Life Goal
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After 2 years of many changes, in may 2021 the 1st edition of the book "Inverso" by artist and writer Luciane Izabel, based in Florianópolis/SC, was printed. With 130 pages, I started the project by illustrating the cover, inspired by what I learned in xylograph, but using digital processes. 

After reading the poems in the book, I portrayed the inner life of a small-town girl, discovering her aspirations, fears, dreams and desires in the world. I was also part of the layout in collaboration with the publishing team. Very amazing to see a job that takes so long finally done!
May 20, 2016
Created a Storyboard
Explored motion design
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Mind was blown
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Art direction and storyboard for motion design about Honolulu Modas e Calçados, aired as a digital ad, on the programming of NSC TV - Rede Globo Affiliate, in the entire state of Santa Catarina and during the 28th Festa do Pinhão/2016, at intervals of shows by Anitta and among twenty other national shows. Presented to over 100,000 people during 10 days of the event. I saw it during a Skank live concert and really felt the impact of being in the middle of the audience for a project we do digitally.
Jan 29, 2021
Created a collage
Created a Storyboard
Shared a decision framework
Explored motion design
Streamlined accessibility processes
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Audiovisual Collage Serie at an Museum

Educational Content “Roupa dá em árvore?” of the Herman Hering Foundation and Museum. I shared the collage and storyboard arts with a team of art direction, creative direction and museum stakeholders, connecting with Motion Design, Sound Design, Libras, Legends and among other skills. We did the project remotely, with professionals from different cities to be exhibited during the opening before lockdown, of the museum at Blumenau/SC.

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