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Apr 08, 2022

Updating Projects : Continued

Continuing to update my GA portfolio - I finalized updating the README's for my GitHub projects, including an organisational app that my group created called Organise.

Tech Stack
Our group used the MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) to build out the app's front-end and back-end.

About Organise  📁
The app- Organise - is a task management application similar to Trello that allows users to create groups based on events, and tasks to-do.
The user can make friends and allocate friends to the groups that they own in order to create private parties.

Our simple and intuitive design allows users to increase their productivity on a given task by effectively organizing the planning of events in a clear and methodical way.

The app's bright and tidy interface, offers multiple ways to structure each task, including adding specific categories with tasks nested within them, allowing users to prioritize an item.
Have a Look 👀
Want to have a look at the app? Visit the site 👉

Suggestions Welcome!
Checkout my team's READme and please send us any suggestions 👉
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I have created a MERN_Blogging Application using MERN Stack. In this app, you can create your account and publish the blogs written by you so that other people on the platform can read and can even comment or react to the post. Basically, this application is similar to platform.

1) Front-End - React + Redux

2) Back-End - Node.js(Express.js) & MongoDB

3) Project Outline

  1. Create Blog Schema Blog (String) Published (Bool) --> For users to see unpublished vs published post Comments (Object) User (Object)
  2. Create Comments Schema Comment (String) User (Object) Date
  3. Create User Schema: Name(String) Email (string) Password isAdmin (String)
  4. Signup/Logout/Login User
  5. View Blogs without sign in
  6. Write Blog with sign in
  7. Allow admin to determine which blogs to be published or not
  8. Allow other users to comment on the blog

You can check out the source code here -

Live Demo -

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So today I want to share with you what I have been working past last 3 days. I just tried making Instagram Clone using MERN Stack. Do check it out.
This application has various functionalities implemented and many more to be implemented in the future.
I have made it open-source, so people who are interested to work can work with me together.

Key Features

  • Login / Register using your email
  • Follow or unfollow the users
  • Like, Comment or Post Images
  • Update Profile Image
  • Reset Password

Upcoming Features to be added in the coming future

  • Search Users
  • Responsive Website
Github link to the project -
Live Demo -
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May 17, 2020
More freelancing projects 🎉🎉
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