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I've been working as a node.js full-stack web dev. I trained formally for front-end development, BUT my back-end knowledge was all over the place since it's all self-taught. I was feeling the need to get a good grip of some important subjects (specially related to software security) so I just enrolled in the back-end web development course at Wish me luck! 😁👨‍🎓
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After building fancy Full Stack Applications with React and Spring Boot and deploying them to the cloud, it's time to handle the data. Therefor I added a MongoDB to my Application. 
Even if my application will never be that big, that I have to worry about scalability, I decided to go with NoSQL. 

While a relational database would have been also a viable option. As is want to work in the future with large datasets and big data analysis, I choose MongoDB. 

Trainee Full Stack Developer, Neue Fische - School and Pool for digital talents
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I made a website,, a filesharing site that's simple and anonymous to use. I often wanted to share files (and still do) and needed a better solution than any existing one.

It's made with Typescript, .Net Core, running on an Ubuntu server with MongoDB to store references to files.
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Learning Elixir
Used MongoDB
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At Cégep de Matane, Matane, Québec, Canada
Started 4 months ago
Used MongoDB
Learned MongoDB
Starting the MongoDB Modeling Course to go deeper into MongoDB architecture.
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Used MongoDB
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Started working on a Full Stack character sheet management application for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5. 

A huge joint portfolio project with my UX Designer partner. The goal of the project is to ship a production level application, handling all stages of the product lifecycle.

Most complex application I have built to this point, exposing me to very interesting, real life programming challenges every day. 

Full Stack Web Developer, StudioGR