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Made a website
Used MongoDB
Used .Net Core
Configured a linux system
Wrote TypeScript
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I made a website,, a filesharing site that's simple and anonymous to use. I often wanted to share files (and still do) and needed a better solution than any existing one.

It's made with Typescript, .Net Core, running on an Ubuntu server with MongoDB to store references to files.
Started 2 months ago
Used MongoDB
Learned MongoDB
Starting the MongoDB Modeling Course to go deeper into MongoDB architecture.
Used GraphQL
Used node.js
Used React.js
Used MongoDB
Using Typescript
Started working on a new project
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Started working on a Full Stack character sheet management application for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5. 

A huge joint portfolio project with my UX Designer partner. The goal of the project is to ship a production level application, handling all stages of the product lifecycle.

Most complex application I have built to this point, exposing me to very interesting, real life programming challenges every day. 

Full Stack Web Developer, StudioGR
Used MongoDB
Migrated database
Finished moving several years of Excel sheets to the MongoDB
Started 3 months ago
Writing Scalable Services
Scoping a Backend System
Deploying a Backend System
Automating deployment
Designing a Backend System
used TypeScript
Used MongoDB
Used AWS
Used Stripe
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Designed and implemented a multi channel solution for all ski resorts and skiers across Canada.
Wrote a New API
Used React.js
Designed website
Used GraphQL
Used node.js
Used JavaScript
Used MongoDB
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Here I developed a system for Carlos Roberto Carrasco Zamudio CEO of DCM Aguascalientes, my stack of technologies was React, MongoDB, and NodeJS with express and GraphQL. This project is used for project management by putting their providers, clients, and materials/products where for each client he can create multiple projects and there put the materials that they are going to use and put limits to the quantities of each material. The data is in real-time, so multiple users can be using the system at the same time and if anyone performs changes, everyone can see them, also has multiple types of users where the admin is the only one who can use all the modules of the system.

You can see the project in action here.
Fullstack Web Developer, DCM Aguascalientes