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Dec 24, 2021
Got Logic Pro X
Quite definitely the best Christmas present I got this year...excited to start learning the intricacies of music production with this powerful tool. I've got many written songs in my pocket that I would like to get recorded. 😇
Worked a session
Set up a session in Lagos, Nigeria for Secretly Publishing's Asuquomo and Nigerian musician, PSIV
Publishing A&R, Secretly Group
Produced a record
Co-produced a record
Worked a session
Accomplished Goals
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2nd Collab with Multi-Platinum Producer Yung Lan

It's wild to see how much my life has changed in the past year. How much I've grown. How much I've sacrificed. After securing my internship at Lan's studio, I grinded to lock in my first collab with him. I drove three hours everyday for three months straight to make it happen. Hustling beats just to get by financially and have enough gas money to make it to the studio. From sweeping floors, running errands, dumping trash, and wiping down plaques, every moment was worth it. Plus I got to cook-up in my spare time, sit in on sessions, and network with some talented ass individuals. All of this led to me getting hired as an engineer at Defiant, and accomplishing my goal of collaborating with him. Not once, but twice. A year ago I didn't think it was possible. Today it just seems normal, like I'm supposed to be here. Like this was supposed to happen.

Worked a session
Made some music
Dropped a loop kit
Made some art
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Fighting Demons

Dropped my first loop kit with a contest a while back. It was dope to do something for the producer community. Also gave me a chance to experiment with Photoshop when creating the cover art. I'm looking forward to doing my part in motivating and inspiring others to chase their dreams.

Recorded A Song
Worked a session
Worked a session
First recording session in ATL at Streamcut/Doppler Studios. Recorded Jay Montana. 🆒 session.