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Launched a comic series called WRIMICS focusing writer's lives. You can watch them at

Jan 14, 2022
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Issue #3 of Curious About Code is out!

This week I explore packages in Julia, including my favorite feature of Julia's package manager, the difference between `using` and `import`, and a tool that makes setting up a new Julia package a breeze.
Jan 07, 2022
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Issue #2 of Curious About Code is out!

Join me as I take my first steps into the Julia language and explore some lesser known facts about numbers in Python.
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A new Issue of FullStack Bulletin is out! 😍
In this issue we talk about: Databases in 2021, Container query polyfill, Mentoring for engineers, Generate mesh gradients, useRainbow() hook, JWT with Laravel

Thanks a ton to @giveitanudge for sponsoring this issue! You rock! 🥰
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The first newsletter issue for 2022 features Lilith Noah. We talk about her process of creating collage art with receipts, writing coming-of-age poems and putting her debut poetry book together.

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