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Released an NFT
Created an NFT
I've created and released my first NFT! It's a special one as it gives the owner access to lots of resources from my WebExpo talk.
Bought an NFT
Copped a Jadu Jetpack :)
Bought an NFT
Joined a DAO
I became one of the founding members of Protein's new Web3 community that launched today and after their launch event in their discord server, I minted a free $PRTN launch NFT on Mirror.

$PRTN will be used by the community to supercharge collaboration, conversation and governance. It is a utility token and its first utility will be used for access to the Protein Community. The full extent of the $PRTN token is to be defined by the community within the pre-season––focusing on reimagining the relationships amongst brands, creators, and communities.

Bought an NFT
In the Sewer Rats discord and Twitter account it was announced that the Cheddaz NFT has a new use case. Earlier this month in the 'ideas and feedback' channel in the NFT project's discord, I stated that we needed more clarity on the use case of the $CHIZ utility token and the Cheddaz NFT. I'm glad to see the founders of the NFT project take action and create a new use case. Cheddaz are rat companion NFTs that give a multiplier to monthly $CHIZ Distributions.

Multiplier Rates:
1-4 Cheddaz = 1%
5-9 Cheddaz = 5%
10+ Cheddaz = 10%

Today since gas fees are low, I bought 5 Cheddaz on OpenSea for between 0.015 ETH to 0.03 ETH each (worth $46.82 to $93.64) . The community receives 1 Cheddaz NFT per Sewer Rat NFT, so I can claim 3 Cheddaz for the 3 Sewer Rats I own. Right now, I will receive a 5% multiplier, because I'm in the 5-9 Cheddaz range. I plan on buying 2 more Cheddaz so I can have a total of 10 Cheddaz and receive a 10% multiplier of $CHIZ tokens.[sortBy]=LISTING_DATE&search[query]=Cheddaz
Bought an NFT
In early August, I bought 3 Sewer Rat NFTs, because it's a profile picture (aka PFP) NFT project with their own ERC-20 utility token called $CHIZ.

Since then a similar project called CyberKongz became a bluechip NFT with the price of the NFT going up to 100 ETH and their $BANANA token peaking at almost $50 USD.

Earning passive income for owning a NFT is the trend and projects like Sewer Rats, Cool Cats (with $MILK tokens), SupDucks (with $VOLT tokens), DystoPunks V2 (with $CREDS tokens), Top Dog Beach Club (with $SNAX tokens), and  Dogs Unchained, (with $BOOM tokens) are leading the charge.

I already bought a Cool Cat in mid July, so I'm looking forward to my $MILK tokens airdrop in the near future and today I bought a SupDuck after learning they launched a $VOLT token on July 9th and holding the NFT earns 10 $VOLT/day, which is worth $10 USD. Their Medium states "$VOLT will be used for community rewards or as even a medium of exchange in the SupDucks universe, including games and our forthcoming Metaverse platform. However, $VOLT will not just be limited to Web3, you’ll also be able to use it to tip your fellow ducks in the Discord chat or you can earn them by providing utility to the community. Last, but not least, $VOLT will also be used in the future for drops, physical items and for meetups."