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🎊 2021 in Review

Every year, I make a small ranking of my favorite media from the year. I've transferred all this to Notion, and today I posted 2021!

You can view my review in Notion

In addition to my previous year in reviews, I added a few extra fun notes, so, enjoy.
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Dec 17, 2021
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Is anyone also in the thoughts of doing an annual EOY review too? 

I recently did Rands' professional growth questionnaire and I had the idea to turn it into a Notion template so that I can remind myself to reflect regularly.

The template is simple and straightforward. You can:

- Add a new review at a click of a button
- Set a reminder for the next review
- View past reviews to follow the evolution of your views and thought process

I love to hear any feedback to make this template help more people 😃

Dec 17, 2021
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Created a Notion template
Published a Notion Template
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I created a Notion template for client portals. This way, I can provide everyone with their own space and landing page for deep visibility into my work with them.
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The all-in-one library for Notion Website Templates

With these Templates you will be able to create your own Website/Portfolio quickly and easily with Notion.

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Ideate, ideate, ideate!


When mentees book a session with a mentor, they feel overwhelmed filling a lengthy form. They would have to do this each time when they book a session despite being logged in. This results in a high dropout rate.

How might we

How might we shorten the booking process so that users do not drop out while booking?

Mind mapping

To help me generate a myriad of solutions, I adopted the mind-mapping technique. This assisted me in thinking of ways we could improve the existing experience or add new features to address user's pain points.