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Sep 10, 2021
Published a Notion Template
I made a free notion template resource based on my personal dashboard for students looking to jump start their college workspaces!

It includes relational databases of tasks, notes, courses and a calendar. A database template to whip up a course dashboard, take notes in class and create assignments as tasks.

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Published a Notion Template

Published Bugsnax-o-pedia Template

This one was just for fun! I really enjoyed the game Bugsnax and wanted to share a template for fellow gamers. This template can track which bugs have been caught and give hints on finding new ones.

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Published a Notion Template

Published Resume Template

I created a helpful template to quickly mock up your resume and share. You can use it to organize your content, share it with prospective employers, or link out to from your website (or Polywork 😉).

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Published a Notion Template

Published Job Application Tracker Template

Searching for jobs is hard enough, so I wanted to make it a little bit easier. I published the template I used when looking for a new role last to track applications, cover letters, and interviews.

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Currently working on updating Cineplex brand ecosystem, beginning on Cineplex Cinemas from logo evolution to marketing collaterals ✨
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Built an IFTTT Automation
Trying my hands on the new IFTTT integration with Notion.